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    Why staging a home is important

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    Why staging a home is important

    Not staging a home and letting potential buyers see it completely empty or picturing it empty for sites can be a huge mistake. When you are looking at a potential home for you, you are picturing yourself living there right? An empty place doesn’t look much like a home or inviting. That’s why staging a home is one of the top realtor’s tricks for attracting buyers.

    How much to stage a home for selling

    It doesn’t need to be too crowded. But, it’s nice to have some furniture and some appliances. So when potential buyers are looking around they can picture themselves living there or cooking there. This is just a mind trick but it’s a very good one. Just like cookie spray for the kitchen and freshly popped popcorn. Those little tricks can help you to speed up the selling process.

    Increasing price

    Staging a home even if you are renting furniture can increase the price of the property. So do the proponents say. Also, there are some small things you can do to increase the price, like adding a fresh coat of paint to the walls to make the place look clean and new. Hiring professionals to deep clean the whole place so it looks and smells good can be a plus. Try talking about those little things with your realtor. They know all about this.

    A living room after staging a home.

    A staged home looks more inviting.

    Staging a home on a budget

    Staging a home can cost somewhere between 300 and 600 dollars per room staged a month. Some rooms like the closet and bathroom you will not be staging of course because there is simply no need. But there is a way to DIY this and save some money. There are a few tricks how to do this on your own :

    • make minor repairs
    • paint walls on your own
    • use your own furniture
    • add some nice accessories
    • remove your family photos
    • deodorize
    • add mirrors to make space look bigger
    • arrange the furniture to make the room look spacier
    • make sure everything is nice and clean
    Coins spilt from a jar.

    You will be able to save some money if you do it on your own.

    If you still don’t find this very convincing

    It’s ok if you don’t want to do this. This is not something you must do, this is something that people do to increase the value of their home. You can sell your place without this. It might take longer but if you are not in a hurry that’s ok. But before you decide anything do some research and remember there are experts that can help you. You don’t have to do everything on your own. There are always professionals that can help you out. This way it will be done in no time and it will look great.

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