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    Why Queens is a great place for families

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    Why Queens is a great place for families

    Moving with your family requires additional effort and thinking. The reason is that this time, you are not moving by yourself, but you need to consider the needs of all family members. You need to think about a variety of factors rather than just your own interests and lifestyle. However, there are some places that don’t let you think about it for a long time. They are simply good for you and your family members. One of them is Queens. Let’s see why Queens is a great place for families and how to relocate your home there.

    nyc skyline
    Among other NYC boroughs, is Queens is a great place for families ?

    Reasons Queens is a great place for families

    Queens is one of those boroughs that offers a lot of advantages for the variety of people. However, when we talk about family lifestyle, here’s why Queens is a great place for families.

    It’s easy to commute

    Other residents of NYC boroughs are generally jealous of those in Queens. The reason is that commute system is great, and it is very easy to reach central parts of the city. And it is a huge advantage when commuting to work, and arriving home fast to spend your free time with your family.

    Food is affordable

    Buying groceries at affordable prices is very important for families. Luckily, Queens offers variety of choices when it comes to food shopping – from Food  Bazaar, United Brothers Fruit Market, Food Cellar, etc. The best thing is, most of these places are open 24/7 – great, right?

    It’s safe

    Queens belongs to the top three safest boroughs in Manhattan. Safety is another thing you  need to think about when moving with families. That’s why you should definitely consider Queens as your next home.

    Queens offers great education

    There are many great schools in Queens. One of the top elementary schools here are definitely The Active Learning Elementary School, Success Academy Springfield Gardens and Queens College School for Math and Techno. Among Middle and High schools there are also some great ones:

    • Jhs 216 George J Ryan
    • Central Queens Academy Charter School
    • Queens High School For The Sciences At York College
    • Townsend Harris High School, etc.
    parents helping a girl to ride a bike - Queens is a great place for families
    Queens is a great place for families and you will definitely enjoy it

    Activities to do with your family in Queens

    Another reason why Queens is a great place for families is that it offers a lot of opportunities for family-friendly activities that don’t necessarily cost a lot. Here’s the list of things you can do  and places to visit with your family in Queens.

    • visit Jamaica Bay Wildlife Refuge – a place where you and your kids can observe birds and do many outdoor activities like origami lessons and other crafts.
    • go to the Queens County Farm Museum – here your family will have the chance to see how a farm looked like in the 18th century. Kid will be thrilled to see farm animals like goats, sheep, chickens, cows,etc. It’s a free-admission historical farm, so it is even better!
    • visit the Museum of the Moving Image in Astoria.It offers something for every family member, and you can visit both permanent ans special exibitions and explore the history of film and television.
    • eat at a family-friendly restaurant – there are many restaurants you can visit with your family in Queens, but some of the favorites are Café Henri, Bella Via, Riverview Restaurant, etc.
    • go to a park – there are a couple of great parks in Queens, so be sure to visit them for a fun outdoor day with you family. Some of them are Flushing Meadows Park, Forest Park, Astoria Park, etc.

    The best neighborhoods in Queens for families

    Even though the whole Queens is a great place for families, there are some neighborhoods you can choose over others. These are:

    1. Bayside – a bit more expensive rent ($2525) than the Queens average, but favorite among young families.
    2. Auburndale – this neighborhood has a median rent of $2200 which is an average in Queens.
    3. Ridgewood – probably the most affordable option here, with the median house rent of $2093, Ridgewood is populated by many families with kids. However, if you are buying a home in Queens, be sure to read our tips for first time home buyers.
    a couple receives a house key
    If you decide to move with your family, be sure to find the perfect home in Queens

    How to find the perfect place for your family home and move to Queens

    First of all, there’s no point in rushing the process. When you want to move with your family, you need to take your time and plan the whole process to details. Therefore, you need to dedicate your time in finding a neighborhood that is both affordable for your budget, safe, and includes a lot of family-friendly locations and activities. Furthermore, you need to think about the relocation process. Be sure to look for a local moving company, and find professional moving services in Little Neck that know how to deal with your Queens relocation. lastly, moving with your family involves a lot of packing – which requires a lot of time. If you decide to do it by yourself, be sure to leave enough time to pack everything safely and read our tips on packing in a hurry.

    Be sure to find the best movers

    Moving with your family can be tricky because you need to be sure that the company you choose to move your home is trustworthy and knowledgeable. Luckily, one of the reasons Queens is a great place for families is that offers some safe and effective choices when it comes to relocation choices. For example, Corona has movers who can meet your needs and deal with your relocation in the best possible way. Experienced local movers know the Queens area well, which results in safe and fast relocation.

    In the end

    Moving with your family is not easy, but you shouldn’t stress about it. Kids should feel the negative energy, but you need to help them go through the relocation process with ease. If you do everything on time and plan your relocation to details. there shouldn’t be any problems. You will be enjoying in your new home in no time and understand fully why Queens is a great place for families. Good luck!

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