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    Where to donate your belongings before you move?

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    Where to donate your belongings before you move?

    When you decide to move you, you have a lot of decisions in front of you. You need to decide are you going to hire a moving company, will you donate your things, when you will move etc. It is really stressful move, and you need to prepare yourself for it. The best thing you should do is to ask questions your friends and family, and do they have any experience with this. Also, you should try to search all the tips and tricks online. And the most important tip is to declutter your home. This way, you will avoid chaos in your new home. The best thing you can do is to donate your belongings before you move.

    a man giving you hand

    You can help a lot of people by simply donating a couple of your belongings

    Donating furniture before the move

    So, when you are moving there is a good chance that you will have to give up some pieces of your furniture. Some of them might be old, and some of them might be just too big for your new place. You need to be honest with yourself and donate the items that you do not need. There are different ways and organizations where you can donate your belongings before you move. Some of them can even provide you with help you need when moving house furniture. They have options, where you can choose fro them to come and pick up the furniture. There are a lot of them, but we will list some.

    a living room with furniture donate your belongings before you move

    By donating just one piece of your furniture, you can change someone’s life

    PickUp Please

    When you need an ASAP donation to be picked up – contact this society. It is run by Vietnam Veterans of America (VVA). They can pick up your donation in 24 hours, all you need to do is to contact them. Once you have a date when someone will come to pick up items, all you need to do is to label them. They will pick it up and leave a tax deduction receipt. They are selling all the items they collect so they can fund programs of the VVA.

    Hope Services

    This organization is helping people with developmental disabilities. They are helping people in 6 different counties. This organization exists more than 60 years and they can also collect any household items you do not need. They are helping people with disabilities to integrate into society.

    The Furniture Bank Association of America

    They collect gently used furniture all over the country. This way, they are helping different groups of people. Basically, when a person has a house but it doesn’t have furniture it is hard to call it home. They help these individuals by furnishing their home and helping them to have a better life. They help more than 100.000 people a year. You can easily find some of their centers on their website.

    Donating your clothes

    When it comes to clothes, you really need to be honest with yourself. You probably have a lot of clothes that you do not wear or use anymore. And, yes, we know you are probably keeping it in hope that you will wear it one day. But you need to keep in mind one thing – it will make moving much harder and complicated. The more things you decide to donate, and more your declutter your home  – you will have less trouble moving. After all, you are moving to a new home and you should move like an expert.

    clothes on a rack

    You should donate clothes that you do not sue anymore

    Dress for Success

    So, if you are a lady and you have some nice clothes that you do not need, and you are moving and you want to donate them – this is one of the best organizations for that. This is an international organization that helps women. They provide them with business attire to help them get and keep a job. They accept suits, shoes, bags and similar. All that one young lady needs to feel better.


    If you have a baby, and you have a lot of belongings that your child has outgrown – this is the place to donate them. You do not need to carry all the baby clothes with you, into your new place. This organization gather and donate baby gear, clothes etc. and distributes them to shelters, hospitals and more. They also accept children toys, diapers etc. You can find a local representative, simply by going to their website.


    This is one of the most popular organizations. They accept almost everything, including clothes. They can pick up the belongings you plan on to donate, all you need to do is to contact their local center.

    Too many books?

    Well, if you are in love with books we can understand how hard it might be to give them up. But, bear in mind that you are going to save a lot of space and money if you do not move all of them with you. What you can do is to donate it to local libraries, schools. As we said, we understand if it is hard for you to do that. You should always bear in mind that storage units that can provide you with some extra space. You can use it to store your books or anything else. Either way, you can take that into consideration.

    pile of books

    You can donate, but also you can store books

    Donating food

    In case you have a lot of leftover food like canned goods, cereal, rice etc. You can always donate it to your local food bank. They have partners, and some of those organization can come and pick up all the items you do not need anymore. You can find them all over the state. They even operate in Canada. So, wherever you are located – you can donate food.

    Is there anything you can’t donate?

    Yes. There are some things that you can’t donate, and for you to be sure what you can donate – the best thing to do is to contact the local organization. They can give you advice what they accept and what is not acceptable. For example, you shouldn’t donate broken items, ripped clothes, chemicals and similar. But, those are the things that you wouldn’t donate anyway. So, start decluttering your home and donating your belongings before you move.

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