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    Where to donate some of your items?

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    Where to donate some of your items?

    On January 5, 2019, Posted by , In Moving tips, By , , With No Comments

    Are you searching for places to donate things you do not need anymore? Why should you do it and where? Donating is a win-win situation. You will do something nice for somebody else, and at the same time, you will help yourself too. So, it is not a mistake if you choose to donate some of your items.

    Crystal heart in hands.

    Helping someone is the most amazing feeling.

    What to consider before donating items?

    Before you donate household items, there are some things you should know and consider. What is that?

    • Determine if your items are still in a good shape and useful. Nobody need items they can’t use. So, if you want to donate your belongings before you move, items must be clean and in good condition too.
    • When you want to donate some of your items, you will help yourself too. If you get a donation receipt, your taxes will be lower.
    • Another option is to sell your household items and to donate the money you have earned. It is also a good help.

    Choose these places to donate some of your items

    Where are the best places to donate household items? Now when you know it is also good for you too, you will probably donate. If you are moving, then transportation will be cheaper because you have fewer items. Donating will help you move like a pro and much affordable. If you want an affordable and safe moving, contact Neeley’s Van and Storage and you will get the best price for your moving.

    Question mark.

    If you do not know where you can donate some of your items, we do.


    If you have a good will to donate some of your items, then go to Goodwill. It is a famous organization and they have more than 3100 stores all over the USA. So, wherever you live in America, you have a Goodwill store near you. This store accepts everything that is in good condition, from clothes to furniture and books. If your items are heavy and big, some Goodwill will pick up your furniture.

    Other organizations that will accept general good are The Salvation Army and Volunteers of America.


    Babies are growing very fast, so what will you do will all that clothes, toys, diapers, beds, blankets, and other baby items? A baby2baby organization is one of the organizations where you can donate kids’ supplies. They collect baby gear and distributes them children’s hospitals, shelters, etc. There are so many families that cannot afford baby supplies.

    There are not just organizations where you can donate baby supplies. Also, organizations for elder children exist in the United States. For example, Project Night Night, SAFE and Ronald McDonald House.

    Dress for success

    If you are moving to cold countries, you will not probably need summer dresses and flip-flops. For example, when leaving NYC for Ontario do not pack all your clothing. Also, it is an opportunity to buy new clothes and shoes. Dress for success is an organization where you can donate your clothing. You will help other women with their career by donating suits, jewelry, handbags, shoes, etc.  So, support women all across America and donate some of your clothing.

    Where also can you donate your clothing, accessories, and shoes and to support the rest of Americans? Indigo Rescue, Alliance of Career Development Profit, Planet Aid, One Warm Coat and much more.

    Books for Africa

    School is over and you have too many books, you will not open again. Why not donate them? There are so many organizations that will accept your books but, some of them want a particular type. So, do research where you can donate your books. Books for Africa are one of the organizations that will accept your books and you can send them via mail or leave them in their warehouse. Those books will end up in African schools and libraries.

    Of course, this organization is not the only one. There are plenty of them such as Better World Books, Darien Book Aid, Operation Paperback, etc. Or you can donate them to your local library and help your community.

    Brides Across America

    Did you have your dream wedding or an amazing prom night? But, to be honest, when will you use them again? Allow other girls to have their dream day too by donating dresses for a wedding (or other wedding items) or for prom night. Brides Across America will accept wedding dresses and accessories that are old 5 years or less and vintage dresses and give them to military brides. Another place to donate your loving dresses is The Slap Slipper Project. They will accept unused makeup, dresses, shoes for Chicago-area students for their prom night.

    Cell Phones for Soldiers

    Technology is part of life. But, sometimes a lot of our technology end up in a basement. Why not help the brave soldiers who are fighting for our country? Donate it to the organization Cell Phones for Soldiers and help them. That is how they can be in touch with their family.

    Also, if you have too many video games, you can help children in hospitals worldwide and donate your video games and video game systems to Get-Well Gamers Foundation. Other organizations that will accept our cell phones, games, and other technology are, HopeLine for Verizon, ReCellular, Lifecell Project, etc.

    People hands.

    Help other people around a world, because sometimes a little help can do a lot.

    Help people around the world and do something nice for those who cannot afford it. Also, you will de-clutter your home if you donate some of your items, especially before or after moving. Changing the city, or a country means that you will start a new life, so start it with some new stuff, and old ones, donate or sell. There is nothing more beautiful than helping and giving.

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