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    What to pack when moving to Kuwait with your family

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    What to pack when moving to Kuwait with your family

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    So, you have decided to move to Kuwait with your family? Good choice. Kuwait is very popular destination for many expats from the US, and even the world. Many people go there to work in the oil industry and in the financial sector. So, what makes this Middle Eastern country so popular? You have no idea what to expect? You are searching for answers? Well, you’ve came to the right place. In this article you are going to get your answers for everything you need to know about moving to Kuwait with your family.

    What to expect?

    Why are so many people attracted to Kuwait? What makes this place so popular? Well, this country can offer you a high standard of living. And it is a great opportunity to learn more about the Arabian culture, without having to go to war-ravaged countries. Many people go there because they can expect high standard of living when they get there. Taxes are low, and that is one of the reasons why so many people are attracted to Kuwait. So, when you decide on moving to Kuwait with your family, make sure that you choose a reliable moving company like

    They’ll do everything for you that is tied to moving to Kuwait. From packing and shipping, to organizing the logistics of the move, they will certainly help you a great deal. And if they do a good job, make sure to tip them.

    Moving to Kuwait is a great opportunity for a good career. Especially in the oil business. One of the main reasons why Kuwait is so successful is its oil industry. This is why so many people relocate there. Kuwait spends a good amount of its income on education and public works. And believe us, that is not a small amount.

    Job market in Kuwait

    One of the main reasons people relocate to Kuwait is its oil. There are many job opportunities for expats. Kuwait is rapidly growing, and there is a need for new employees everywhere. Jobs that are needed in Kuwait are in marketing, sales and of course – in the oil industry.  This Arabian country can give you a great opportunity for a career. With a right education you can find your dream job in Kuwait. Be aware though, Kuwait has plans on cutting down the immigration rates. So, if you’re planning on moving there, do it quickly, before they decide to do that. Also, move your furniture to Kuwait, as it can get quite expensive there.

    oil drill

    Kuwait is a great exporter of oil and gas

    Gas prices

    Kuwait is a country with one of the lowest gas prices in the world. Of course it is, since Kuwait is also one of the largest oil producers in the world. Such luck for such a small country. Since the oil is so cheap in Kuwait, the main method of transportation is by car. So, make sure to transfer a car to Kuwait, or even better, with your new paycheck, you can afford one in Kuwait.

    Kuwaiti licence plate

    Main mode of transportation is by car


    Kuwait is a desert country. Only thing that is going for Kuwait is its oil. Keep in mind that temperatures during the summer can go up to 122 degrees Fahrenheit (50 degrees Celsius). So, make sure that you don’t go outside often during the summer months. If you have to go, don’t go for longer than two hours. Drink a lot of water, and take a good care of your and your families’ skin. Don’t go outside wearing short sleeves. There is a reason why people in sunny desert areas wear clothes that cover up whole body. Sun burns can get really nasty if you don’t pay attention to what you’re wearing. Other than that, almost every room in Kuwait has air condition on, making it very American-friendly. So, make sure to pick a Kuwait company when moving internationally.

    Religion and life in Kuwait

    Religion is a very important aspect of Kuwait. Many laws are even based on Islam. Be respectful towards religion and culture of Kuwait. You will hear the phrase Inshallah — if God wills it. You’ll hear it everywhere.

    In Kuwait, you can also see an influence of immigrants. There are many restaurants with cuisine from all around the world. But none of them serves alcohol, as it is illegal in Kuwait, and it is illegal according to Islam as well. Also, when you’re moving to Kuwait with your family, you can find many international schools for your children. Watching international television and reading international press is a common thing in Kuwait. Many of the media is in English, and people of Kuwait are quite proficient in it. So, you’ll have an easy time communicating with almost everyone there.


    Islam is a big part of Kuwaiti people’s lives


    Kuwaiti healthcare is outstanding. Kuwait provides free healthcare for all of its residents, and even for expats living in Kuwait. You can find all medication you need there, and for a low price. Medical facilities in Kuwait have US and EU standards. You should know that all children are required to have tuberculosis vaccines while living in Kuwait. All vaccinations are available in public clinics for free. So, make sure that you have your children vaccinated before moving to Kuwait with your family.

    Get a Visa or a permit when moving to Kuwait with your family

    Everyone who is going to live in Kuwait is required to have a visa or an entry permit. So, make sure you apply for visa for every member of your family before you move to Kuwait with them. Usually, people who are going to Kuwait for work have their companies do that for them. If you found a job before your move, then you are probably one of those people. Companies who have their employees work in Kuwait are responsible for them, and usually get them visas and permits.

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