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    What is the best neighborhood in NYC?

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    What is the best neighborhood in NYC?

    On September 23, 2018, Posted by , In Residential Moving Tips, By , With No Comments

    New York City is known to many as the greatest city in the world for a good reason. It’s a famous city full of many opportunities and a vibrant culture. But, it’s a very specific city, and if you move on a whim you’ll get quite the culture shock! People are different in NYC, and so is the way of life. For example, most people don’t have cars because of the well developed public transit and hellish parking. So, if you’re moving to New York, especially if you’re moving to New York on a budget, you should do your research. One of the best places to start is deciding what is the best neighborhood in NYC for your purposes.

    Taxi cabs on the streets of the best neighborhood in NYC.

    The streets of NYC are always crowded, but if you move to the best neighborhood in NYC you won’t mind!

    What kind of best neighborhood in NYC are you looking for?

    It depends on what you’re looking for, of course. If you have school-aged children, you should research the best schools in NYC. If you’re into the clubbing scene, you should try to find a neighborhood that suits your nightlife needs. It’s very important to be aware of your needs before researching where to move. You would do well to make a list of every need you have and find a neighborhood that checks as many items off as possible.

    • The best neighborhood in NYC is the neighborhood that’s the best for you.
    • Look up the best schools for your children, and tailor your move towards it. Education is very important and should be the biggest item on your list. You should try to be as close to your school as possible. But, even if you can’t be, New York has a robust public transit system.
    • Prepare for relocation stress beforehand. You shouldn’t be taken by surprise.
    • Are you interested in festivals and outdoor events? Try to include that in your search if possible. Though the boroughs are very well connected, it’s still far easier to travel within your neighborhood.
    • Try to be as connected to the public transit system as possible. Find an apartment as close to the metro as you can, it will save you more time than you think.
    • Do you want a local feel or a more buzzing sort of energy? It’s important to feel at home in your NYC neighborhood.
    • If events are important to you, consider researching what events exist in NYC.

    Consider staying in your chosen neighborhood before moving for good

    You can never be sure what the neighborhood is like before you move there for good. So why not take a few days to really explore your chosen neighborhood before committing? After all, once you go for it, experts can help you with every relocation related task, but they can’t help you if you realize you’re moving to the wrong place. You should feel at ease in the neighborhood of your choice. New Yorkers take pride in their chosen neighborhoods, so much that there are often friendly rivalries between them. Where you stay will affect your job opportunities, your income, even how you spend money. For example, if you live in a building above a bodega you won’t make frequent Über trips to the grocery store.

    New York has a very specific, powerful draw. It frequently takes in past tourists, people who fell in love with the city that never sleeps. If you decide to stay in NYC for good, know that you’re not the first nor the last person to be captivated by the shining lights. But, especially if you’re moving long distance, take care to research as many things as you can. It’s true that the job market in NYC is very lucrative, but that is balanced out by the fact that living in New York is very expensive.

    Is Chelsea the best neighborhood in NYC for you?

    Chelsea’s star is on the rise. This plucky neighborhood is advancing with breakneck speed and is definitely a place to visit if not live in. On the business side, it became a prominent contemporary art district, but on the party side, it has the biggest gay community, with all that that entails. Artists that want to make it big move to New York, and New York artists that want to make it big move to Chelsea. If you enjoy art and clubbing, Chelsea is definitely something you should consider. Movers such as Vector Movers NJ can assist you on your relocation to the art neighborhood of NYC.

    A well-lit artistic snapshot of a NYC street.

    The words best neighborhood in NYC mean something different for everyone, but what it will never mean is ‘quiet’.

    Is Brooklyn the best neighborhood in NYC for you?

    Brooklyn and its neighbors are far cheaper than the properties in downtown, but the drawback is a longer transit route. Famous for the Brooklyn bridge, the neighborhood is swanky and remarkably cozy. It’s good for family-oriented people as well as young singles. Brooklyn is famous for its sports and brownstones, as well as an authentic New York attitude.

    A picture of the Brooklyn bridge.

    Brooklyn Bridge is one of the landmarks of NYC. Is it enough to give Brooklyn the title of the best neighborhood in NYC?


    Is Greenwich Village the best neighborhood in NYC for you?

    Greenwich Village is a charming neighborhood with winding streets and a vivacious atmosphere. It quickly grew into a real shopping district, so if you can’t live without the latest brand name gear you might feel at home in the Village. It’s peppered with clubs and bars and boasting with many historic neighborhoods. The Village turned into a real party district too! However, if your idea of a good time is chilling with a book and tea instead of chilling with a handful of shots at the best blowout party in the neighborhood, the noise might impact you negatively. People who think the Village is the best neighborhood in NYC know one thing: Everything happens in Downtown, for better or worse.

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