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    Ways to Find a Roommate in Manhattan

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    Ways to Find a Roommate in Manhattan

    On July 6, 2020, Posted by , In NYC life, By , , With No Comments

    Sometimes it is easier to live with a roommate than alone. Usually, it can make the moving process and all the monthly expenses easier to handle. If you happen to be a student, or are new to Manhattan, finding a good roommate is key. Hence, how do you find a roommate in Manhattan? Sharing a living space with someone, especially if you don’t know them, can be tricky. Therefore, it’s important to use reliable resources and conduct thorough research to ensure that you pick the right and trustworthy person to be roommates with. Throughout the rest of the text we will give you some tips on finding a roommate in Manhattan. 

    Find a Roommate in Manhattan

    Moving to a new location is already stressful enough. While considering all the elements and also finding a roommate, it can become hectic fast. Consider hiring a moving company like Zenith Moving, for example, and have these professionals assist your move to have a bit more of a hassle-free move.

    An illustration of looking at different people through a magnifying glass in order to find a roommate in Manhattan.
    Find the perfect roommate by taking the time to ask the right questions and gather enough information.


    In order to find a roommate and make sure that he or she is a good choice, you should go through the necessary steps. Finding someone through a website like when you are looking for professional movers is not a very good idea. Therefore, one of the tips is to make sure that you ask all the necessary questions and that you do a few interviews before deciding. Never rely on simply one interview, as you want to make sure that the person or potential roommate is the right choice. 

    Meanwhile, before you begin to interview people, you first have to be honest and upfront about other details. Ensure to figure out the costs and be upfront within your search. It is beneficial to both you and the potential roommate to know how the monthly expenses and rent would be split up. 

    Having a Plan

    As we mentioned above, steps such as conducting multiple interviews and being upfront about costs are necessary. Sharing your living space is very personal, so it’s important that your roommate is somewhat similar when it comes to habits, interests, likes, and dislikes. This is where it is helpful to have a plan. Write down everything you are looking for as it will guide you throughout the process and help you find a roommate in Manhattan. Also, use this plan to help you with the process of moving too. Staying organized will help you simply move just around the corner with ease. 

    A checklist.
    A good plan and to-the-point checklist is always helpful as it helps guide one through the process while staying organized.

    In many ways, you want to use this interview as a means to get to know the potential roommate. For example, we recommend talking to people that have stable and consistent jobs. At the end of the day, paying rent is a must, therefore you want to make sure that that person can meet deadlines and afford the amount


    As you chat with prospective roommates, always make sure to ask for references. You are choosing someone to coexist with in the same space, therefore you have every right to check on that person. Find a roommate by reaching out to their references, and see if you can get any information on that person’s reliability and trustworthiness. The more information you gather and have, the easier it will be to pick the right roommate for you. 

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