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    Top Manhattan neighborhoods to live in in 2020

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    Top Manhattan neighborhoods to live in in 2020

    On September 29, 2020, Posted by , In NYC life, By , , With No Comments

    So, you consider moving to Manhattan, but you can’t decide where to live. Well, consider one of the top Manhattan neighborhoods to live in in 2020. You’re wondering how to choose the best neighborhood in NYC? Before you decide where you are going to live, you must know some basic neighborhood information. You’ll learn them in this article. 

    Midtown Manhattan

    The first one on the list of top Manhattan neighborhoods to live in in 2020 is Midtown Manhattan. This is the place where Times Square and the Empire State Building are located. Midtown is one of the busiest neighborhoods in NYC because it’s the heart of the city. So, if you relocate to Midtown, expect a lot of things to see and experience. Speaking about moving, you can always rely on Heart Moving to ease the relocation process. With them, moving to this neighborhood in Manhattan is a stress-free thing.

    Top Manhattan neighborhoods to live in in 2020 – Upper East Side

    When it comes to business opportunities in NYC, the association is the Upper East Side. You can’t expect to save money by living here. But, in the Upper East Side, you can find beautiful apartments and houses. Also, here you’ll have great job opportunities and good private schools. 

    Manhattan Central Park

    Upper East Side is one of the top Manhattan neighborhoods to live in.

    There are a lot of moving companies in this neighborhood. So, you can find plenty of moving options to make the process easier. As you probably know, moving is stressful, but Yorkville experts can deal with itYou can even contact them and find out how much the relocation is going to cost you. Then, you’ll know how to organize your costs.

    Chelsea – Another top Manhattan neighborhoods to live in 

    Wondering what’s the best neighborhood in NYC for artists? The answer is Chelsea. Here you’ll discover plenty of art places and cultural activities. Plus, Chelsea is known for a huge number of restaurants, cafes, and bars. So, you’ll hardly be bored here.

    If you want to relocate to Chelsea, you’ll do it easily. In this neighborhood, many reliable movers will help you do it. But, do good research to find them.


    It is one of the largest neighborhoods in Manhattan. Harlem is the best NYC neighborhood for families because the prices for real estate property are affordable. Also, you have a lot of parks here. Therefore, you can enjoy outdoor activities every day.


    If you’re a shopping lover or you love restaurants and bars, SoHo is your place. But, this neighborhood is the most expensive in the entire NYC. However, if you research and organize properly, you can find affordable real estate. In SoHo, expect to see new things so you won’t be bored. 

    SoHo Buildings - Top Manhattan neighborhoods to live in in 2020

    SoHo can be the perfect home for you.

    Top Manhattan neighborhoods to live in in 2020 – Tribeca

    A lot of people are moving to Tribeca in 2020. A specific thing about this neighborhood is that there are a lot of small buildings. They give a retro look because these buildings are old. When it comes to living here, you should know that is expensive. Also, Tribeca’s streets are too small, so it’s not that suitable for driving. Yet, you can find affordable apartments in Tribeca and move with ease to this neighborhood.

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