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    Top cities in Europe for Expats from NYC

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    Top cities in Europe for Expats from NYC

    Let’s take a look together at top cities in Europe for ex-pats from NYC. But first, you need to know something. No city is like New York. Wherever you go, it will be a big change. Especially if you relocate to Europe. The culture is different, the food too. What is important is to research the countries and cities before you go there no matter if you are relocating for the job, the school, or even just to spend some time learning about the way things work in Europe. We might be able to give you a head start and you can continue your research from here.

    Madrid, Spain one of the top cities in Europe for expats from NYC

    Spain truly is a beautiful country. They are very different from what you might be used to but people living there are very friendly and welcoming towards ex-pats. This is a great place for you to study but also explore their specific way of life. Of course, let’s not forget the amazing nightlife and the most beautiful beaches you will ever see. This is the capital city so you will find a lot of diversity here just like you can in your home town which is good and makes adaptation easier. To get you to Spain you might want to call reliable movers for help, after all, they speak a different language and it might be a bit confusing so simply rely on experts when it comes to relocation.

    Madrid one of the top cities in europe
    Make sure to explore their history too, it’s quite interesting.

    Oslo, Norway

    Norway is something that will be completely different for you. Their way of life is something you are not used to but they have the best quality of life (maybe ever) and the way this country works is unbelievable. It can get cold but the way that school systems work, the perfect nature, amazingly logical laws and the way they treat people will have you wishing to stay here forever. Make sure to research Oslo and if you realize that this might be the place for you there are people who can help to settle in Norway with ease. This is the country that the whole world recommends for raising the kids.

    Rome, Italy

    Another one of the top cities in Europe that New Yorkers might like. Rome is so amazing and romantic in a way. Italians are so welcoming and nice towards NYC ex-pats that you will feel right at home. But you will also experience the civilization that is so old that it’s even hard to go through it in one article. The art, the fashion, the food – everything is different here and oh so amazing! We will completely understand if you start packing your bags as soon as you read more about this city.

    Make sure to research the Vatican, you will find some incredible information online about it.

    How to start your research

    We recommend you start it online of course! The internet knows everything but every city and every country in Europe is so different so at the end of the day the choice will be up to you and what looks and feels the best for you! Good luck and bon voyage!

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