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    Tips for safe motorcycle shipping

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    Tips for safe motorcycle shipping

    On August 25, 2019, Posted by , In Moving tips, By , , With No Comments

    If you are a proud motorcycle owner and you wish to move, it should not be too hard to follow a couple of transportation tips for safe motorcycle shipping. As strange as it may sounds, there are a couple of things you may not know, especially if you are a fresh owner.

    Different options for safe motorcycle shipping

    First of all, consider a few different options for motorcycle shipping:

    1. Drive it yourself
    2. Hire professionals
    3. Transport your motorcycle on a truck
    4. Use a moving trailer for safe motorcycle shipping.

    Drive the motorcycle yourself

    Driving your motorcycle by yourself to a moving destination may be an option for some people. But there are those situations where it’s simply not possible. You either don’t have time or enough money for fuel, or just the weather season is not right. Maybe you are not willing to risk damaging your bike on unknown roads, or there are a lot of other possessions that need to be moved at the same time.

    Hire professionals for safe motorcycle shipping

    This is may be by far the best option for shipping your motorcycle. Call a couple of moving companies and see if there is a┬ácompany that offers special relocation services. Ask about quotes, compare them, and decide which one will be the best for you and your bike. Don’t forget to examine insurance policies a little better because they can matter the most.

    Transport your motorcycle on a truck

    In the best-case scenario, you own a truck. However, think about the help you will need if your bike is too heavy. Size and weight matter if you want your vehicle to be safe from damages. Equipment like wheel locks and straps are a must. If it’s not possible to fit your motorcycle in a truck and take all safety measures to prevent damage, then just give up. Don’t risk it and hire professionals. The damage you may cause to your vehicle might be ten times bigger than the moving expenses.

    A small motorcycle.

    You should never try to load alone anything heavier than this small motorcycle.

    Use a moving trailer for safe motorcycle shipping

    One more way is to use a moving trailer and haul your motorcycle to your new home. You may have to rent a moving trailer that is specifically designed for motorcycles. Again, depending on the size and weight of your motorcycle. That special design includes a lot of security measures integrated into a trailer itself. There are wheel locks inside, ramp for loading, and tie-down specific spots.

    Also, you can find two kinds of trailers, open and enclosed ones. Depending on the distance and weather conditions you will have to decide which one suits your needs better. If your decision to move is definite and you are selling your apartment, you will have to ask close people for help. Or, the best option for the safety of both you and your motorcycle would be to hire a moving company to do it for you. Staying out of injuries is the best strategy you can apply.

    A motorcycle engine.

    The full inspection prior to shipping is important not only for motorcycles but for every vehicle.

    Prepare your documentation right away. Do a full motorcycle inspection for any kind of issues. Clean your vehicle and remove any detachable parts that may break during the shipping. Take a couple of pictures to document the real condition of your motorcycle. Search for any useful tips for safe motorcycle shipping while it’s not too late.

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