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    Tips for preparing your motorbike for long-term storage

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    Tips for preparing your motorbike for long-term storage

    On February 12, 2022, Posted by , In Storage Tips, By , , With No Comments

    If you are someone who likes motorcycles you know that there are periods when you can’t ride them. During these times, especially if it’s an extended period, you don’t want to leave your bike simply parked outside. Actually, leaving your bike outside for as long as a week is an very bad idea. So, your best solution is long-term storage. And in order to help you keep your bike in proper shape, we have put together a list of tips for preparing your motorbike for long-term storage.

    Clean the bike

    Chances are, if you’re someone who likes to drive often, your bike gets dirty pretty often. Besides the obvious reason of wanting to have a clean bike when you ride again, dirt on the bike for an extended period of time can damage it. First the paint gets damaged, which eventually causes corrosion. So, give your bike a good wash and then let it dry under the sun. After that, all that is left is to choose the best long-term storage option and leave your bike in a safe place.

    Bike in garage
    Cleaning your bike before storage will help keep it in good shape.

    Gasoline tank

    When it comes to the gasoline tank, you have two options. Either run it dry, so it is completely empty, or fill it to the brim. This is important because a half-filled tank can cause condensation, which eventually gathers on the tank. It then sucks the moisture out of the area and forms into gunk which can clog your fuel system. This happens whether your bike runs on electronic or carb fuel injection. It should be noted that experts from NYC Mini Storage recommend a dry tank. This way, you know that there isn’t anything in there that can cause issues.

    Change the oil

    A vital step of preparing your motorbike for long-term storage is changing the oil. As the oil in your bike starts to break down through use, it changes its acidity level and can eventually cause excessive corrosion in the bike. So, before you can pick the best storage facility to store it in, make sure the oil in it is brand new.

    Man preparing his motorbike for storage.
    Changing the oil before storing your bike will help avoid corrosion.

    Disconnect the battery

    In order to prevent parasitic discharge while in storage, you are best off just disconnecting the battery in your bike. This also helps prevent the battery from leaking battery acid, which can corrode the bike quite badly. It doesn’t matter how safe the storage you put your bike in is, you need to make sure it doesn’t fall apart while it’s in there. Of course, there are many safe units at your disposal for storing the bike, but if it isn’t properly prepared it won’t matter.

    Cover it up

    Getting a motorcycle cover for your bike before putting it into storage is pretty important. It will prevent dust from gathering on it, which in turn protects the paint job long-term. You should also consider that one of the benefits of a climate controlled storage unit is less dust in the air. But, you should still cover the bike up in order to make sure.

    Tips for preparing your motorbike for long-term storage – conclusion

    Properly preparing your bike for storage is just as important as finding a safe storage unit. After all, there are a lot of things your bike could fall apart on it’s own if not properly maintained. We hope you found this list of tips for preparing your motorbike for long-term storage helpful.

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