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    Tips for preparing and packing instruments for moving abroad

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    Tips for preparing and packing instruments for moving abroad

    Anyone that is into music and likes to play even a little knows the value of musical instruments. There is a special bond that is created with our instruments. They are great but also fragile. Some of them require a lot of love and care to stay alright and usable. The fragility of these instruments is of special concern during moving. Instruments can easily get damaged weather during a local or international move. To handle the rick and try to protect your instruments you should do everything possible to protect them. So, try to learn some of the tips for preparing and packing instruments.

    Instrument requirements

    Moving instruments is not easy and it requires special care. You can do it yourself but it is advisable to find professional, experienced help to move your precious guitar or violin. To key is to keep your instruments as safe as possible. So, preparing and packing are essential. To do this properly you should know how to best protect your instrument. If you are not sure then it is best to find a professional moving company that has the knowledge and experience.

    A fragile violin requires you to know the tips for preparing and packing instruments
    Each instrument is fragile and demands adequate preparation before moving

    Each instrument has its own requirements. Some instruments can be taken apart for protection. It is advisable to do this to handle the risk of damage.

    • Bras instruments can be separated into smaller parts or at least the mouthpiece can be detached.
    • Drums can also be disassembled. In these cases make sure to pack every piece individually with a special car.
    • String instruments usually can be disassembled. It is advisable to let the strings loose or remove them altogether.

    So, understand what your instrument needs. Also, understand your limitations.

    Drums stacked on top of eachother
    Disassemble the instruments if possible for better protection

    You can’t move the piano yourself. Its size, weight, and fragility mean that the piano definitely requires professional assistance. Whether for a local or international move it is critical to have professionals handle it.

    What you have to know

    Packing your instruments is not easy but it doesn’t have to be that hard. You should always keep in mind just how fragile they are and that you have to protect them in the best possible way. There are many tips for preparing and packing instruments that can help you do this correctly. So, here are some simple rules to prepping and packing your instruments:

    • Prepare your instrument adequately
    • Ask for professional help
    • Gather proper packing supplies


    Disassemble the instrument if it is possible. Make sure to clean every part and carefully wrap each part. This way, parts will be well protected from any damage.

    A blue guitar in a case
    Proper packing cases or boxes with padding are essential for protection from scratches and dents

    Make sure to label these packages clearly to let everyone know that they are fragile.

    Professional help

    Make sure you hire experienced movers to handle this job. They must be able to handle the instruments properly and with special care. Note that Transparent International NYC is just one of the companies that are qualified. In addition make sure that your movers are insured, licensed, and have good references.

    So, hiring help to move your instruments is a good idea. However, there are many things you can do yourself. Research and follow some of the tips for preparing and packing instruments to get on the right track with it.

    A few important packing tips

    Adequate packing supplies are critical. The best option is to use the original packaging to prepare your instrument for a move. However, if that is not available try to find adequate, sturdy boxes that are the right size for the job.

    Also buy a lot of padding materials like bubble wrap, foam, packing peanuts, and plastic wrap. Do not save on these. You do want the best materials to prevent your instrument from getting scratched or dented during transport.

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