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    Tips for Hong Kong students applying for NYU

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    Tips for Hong Kong students applying for NYU

    Most students dream about finishing at least one year of college abroad. This can mean a new experience, learning about different countries. Also, meeting new people and having different opportunities is great! New York City is a place where young people all around the world want to go. New York University is a very popular choice. Don’t think it’s easy to get into there. A lot of people are trying every year. But the best of the best will make it. We have a few tips for Hong Kong students applying for NYU to make their dream of studying abroad come true. So, read on.

    The basics

    Study hard

    This is your main thing. You will be judged solely on your achievements. There are thousands of young people right now studying for NYU, and you need to make your resume stand out. NYU requires you to be above average in your high school class. You need at least a mix of A’s and B’s. GPA must be at least 3.69.

    A student studying hard and writing at a desk, activities that are an essential part of the tips for Hong Kong students applying for NYU

    Studying hard and making some sacrifices will be the key to your success. So, buckle up.

    How to apply

    This year due to Covid19 they have extended the testing and admissions cycle. The application process is the same whether you are a domestic or international student, so you will be using Common Application.


    You should begin your application process in August. Right after your high school graduation. Unless you are applying for an early decision, the deadline for that is November 1st then you need to apply before the end of the school year.

    Financing your education

    NYU is offering scholarships for non-US citizens too! You can find out everything about that in Financial Aid Basics on their official website.

    Student Visa

    You need to review the student visa and immigration process. Also, know that this process can take longer this year. There is a fee for applying for the student and exchange visitor program. You will be applying for B1 or B2 visa to travel to the US.

    To start the process you need to complete the DS-160 form and right after you will be paying the fee. The next step is scheduling an appointment and visiting the consulate for your visa interview. Don’t worry, a student visa is fairly easy to get. They are welcoming students from all over the world each year.

    Moving out of Hong Kong

    Moving from Hong Kong can be really overwhelming. You need to learn how to ease the process of moving to a whole new continent. This process can be hard even for older people. As a student, you have some things you got going for you that will make your transition easier. You don’t have a whole family to move, you are not moving all of your belongings. You are going to study abroad. So you just need to think about that. You will be needing additional help.

    Tips for Hong Kong students that guarantee an easy move

    You need to find good international movers to make this process and paperwork easier for you. There are specialized teams for this task, and that will make everything stress-free. Doing it on your own is too much hassle and way too much time-consuming.

    You need to plan and pack ahead. Use the best moving boxes you can find, because your items have a long way ahead.

    Talk to your doctor and make sure to have your whole medical history with you. You will be there for years hopefully, so you need medical history. Also, talk to your doctor about any additional vaccines you might need.

    Make sure that all the paperwork is on you while you are traveling. Medical history, health insurance, visa, passport, and credit cards. Important stuff like that must be with you and not in your luggage.

    Keep in mind

    You are not the first one doing this. A lot of people move from Hong Kong to the USA every year. If you have any additional questions or insecurities talk to your movers, are happy to help. Don’t be shy, ask everything that comes to mind.


    Some people call New York, the capital of the world.

    Place to stay

    When studying at NYU you have two options. You can live on the campus or you can rent your own place nearby. Many students rent together apartments because it’s cheaper that way. Students usually focus on learning and not on jobs so the money can be tight. But this is part of the college experience.

    Also, there is the third way. Maybe you can rent a room in somebody’s house. This might not be ideal but maybe it will cost less.

    Finding your place

    The most important thing is the proximity of your school. You don’t want to spend too much time traveling. Also, you need to find the right price. Good organization and research of the neighborhood is the key.

    If your place is not very nice

    Don’t worry if your place isn’t like in the movies. New York is an expensive city and you and your roommate are just staying here for a few years. This is not long-term. You just need to check the safety of the apartment like fire alarms. Also, check the plumbing. The apartment view or decoration is not your main worry now. You have so much to see outside and to learn you probably won’t even think about your place.

    Students studying at a library.

    Don’t worry if your place is not perfect. You will be spending most of your time studying. Any extra time you got will be for checking out the city.

    Safe travels!

    This can be a great thing for you. Many doors will open up now, with plenty of new chances. Your resume will be very attractive with NYU in it. If you study hard and finish school you will get many opportunities. So take your time, plan this well. Study hard and good luck. Hopefully, our tips for Hong Kong students were educational for you. Good luck!

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