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    TIps for first time homebuyers

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    TIps for first time homebuyers

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    Buying your own home for the first time can be very stressful and time-consuming. However, one of the American dreams is to purchase and possess our own home, so most of us tend to achieve this goal one day. The average age for first time home buying in America is around 30. That is a relatively young age for making such a big and life-changing decision. However, if you have a stable job, with steady monthly income, you should think of buying a house! Therefore, today we will give you some tips for first-time homebuyers!

    Tips for first-time homebuyers

    People move a lot nowadays, and they are used to being mobile. If you rent, you won’t have to worry about the mortgage or any repairs in the apartment because that’s something that landlord is responsible for. Also, if you are moving and need a professional mover, visit and hire them to assist you with your move. However, first-time homebuyers are responsible for their own house completely. They are also obligated to pay a mortgage every month, repair faucets and doorknobs and other small or big problems that can happen. But, if you are one of the people who have a good job and you are ready to start a family, buying a home is something you should think of! Therefore, let’s see what should first-time homebuyers think of before they purchase a home of their dreams and settle down with their family!

    First-time homebuyers – Things to do!

    • Sort out your budget and stick to it
    • List of your non-negotiables
    • Hire an experienced realtor
    • Check out the area to get an idea of pricing
    • Ask about expected closing costs
    Wallet with some change and a magnifying glass

    Sort out your budget and stick to it. If you fall in love with a house you cannot afford, you will have to move on.

    Sort out your budget and stick to it

    First of all, you will have to sort out your budget and stick to it. If you start searching for a house before you know exactly how much money you can spend that will make a problem. Therefore, before you start with checking houses out, ask yourself some important questions! What’s the most I can afford? What is my ideal price range? So, for a start, you should use an online mortgage calculator to determine the highest monthly mortgage that you can afford. Do not forget on monthly maintenance costs of the property too. When you get the last result and figure out exactly how much money you can pay every month, you are ready to start a search for the house of your dreams!

    List of your non-negotiables

    You should know precisely what you want before you start searching for the house. However, it is hard to find everything you want and need on one property. You should consider your values and lifestyle before you start shopping seriously. So, make a list of things that will make you happy and enhance your life! At the same time, make a list of things that would make you miserable and that you want to avoid! Making a non-negotiable list of things such as location, amenities, square footage, etc., will also help and guide your realtor. Also, these are the things you should know about NYC before you move there!

    Hire an experienced realtor

    Hiring an experienced realtor is one of the most important things because it can make or break your first-time homebuying experience. Try to find a realtor who knows everything about the area you are interested in. If you have some family or friends in the area you want to buy a house, ask them to suggest some of the excellent and experienced realtors. However, if none of your friends can help you with a realtor, you should go online and visit some sites to check on realtors’ rankings and pick the one that you like the most.

    An excellent realtor knows the area which is a time saver. They also can listen to what you want and find exactly what you are looking for. A superb realtor knows the area, but they might even know where to donate some of your items too!

    a house for sale

    An experienced realtor knows the area which is a time saver! They will also listen to what you want and find you a dream house quickly.

    Check out the area to get an idea of pricing

    You should search for comparable homes in the area you want to move to. What does that mean? You should research how much homes in the area you are interested in were sold for recently. If you are interested in an apartment in the particular building, be sure to find out how much did the other apartments go for, recently. This will help you realize how much your starting offer should be when you are ready to bid on your new residence. If anything changes in your search you should inform your realtor about it! However, if you have a pet, you should check on how to move with a furry friend to NYC!

    Ask about expected closing costs

    Closing costs can vary widely! Therefore, you should ask your realtor about closing costs, especially if you are the first-time homebuyer. These costs include hiring a real estate attorney to take off your buyer-seller agreement. Also, another thing that’s paid by the buyer are services of evaluation of the home before the sale that home appraiser does. The realtor’s commission costs are something that the seller is responsible for, not the buyer.

    Pile of dollar bills and a sign saying "Costs"

    Buyer is responsible for real estate attorney and home appraiser costs, while the seller pays realtor’s commission.

    Hire a professional moving company

    After all, you will need a professional movers’ help when the time for relocation comes. Therefore,  you should hire cheap but reliable moving experts in NY area! Every professional moving company has excellent and responsible workers. They will pack and transport your belongings fast and safely. A professional moving company has a lot of moving services. Some of those services are packing and unpacking, transport, insurance, storage units, etc. A professional moving company will make their customers happy and satisfied!

    These were the tips for the first-time homebuyers! If you have a good job and starting a family, you should think of buying a home to settle down! However, you will have to prepare and give yourself some time, but you will find the house of your dreams! We wish you all the best and good luck on house hunting!


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