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    Things you shouldn’t save money on when moving in NYC

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    Things you shouldn’t save money on when moving in NYC

    A lot of people are trying to save money on various things to make their budget more efficient. This becomes particularly obvious if you are trying to make a living in expensive cities like New York. That can be a good way to afford a pair of new shoes, vacation in summer, or a brand new car. However, the most common mistake is that we tend to overdo it. Yes, it is possible, especially if you are moving to, or living in New York City. Minimalism can be an attractive option if you struggle after moving, or while the adjustment period is over. But, there are things you shouldn’t save money on when moving to NYC. Some things are just not meant to be sacrificed if you are thinking long term.

    What are the things you shouldn’t save money on when moving in NYC?

    Your health is the most important thing

    This is one of the most common mistakes young Newyorkers do. New York City can be really expensive to live in, so we try to cut here and there to manage better. But, in the long term, this can be a really dangerous and even costly thing to do. There should be no reason to sacrifice our health for money. This maybe sounds utopian, however, it’s possible. Even in NY. You can save some money by not going to a gym, or paying for your cardio sessions with a personal trainer. But, there is always a free or almost free alternative for this. As long as you are willing to do so.

    1. You can go for a walk at least a couple of times a week
    2. Jogging in Central Park to stay fit
    3. Move to the more affordable neighborhood so you can afford training
    4. Get a second job which includes some outdoor tasks
    5. Learn to cook healthy food on a budget from books, TV-shows, or the internet

    Your hobbies

    Staying fit and eating proper food is one way to stay healthy, but there is another factor we should not forget. Your mental health is important as well when living in NYC. Having a hobby like reading, carpentering, or tweaking your car is just one among many things that can make you happy. After all, the joy of doing the thing you like is the best medicine for the state of your mind. The best thing is, it doesn’t have to cost you money, at least not much. The internet is the best place to find people with similar interests. You can get in touch with them, join groups, and find all kinds of useful information. It’s a great place to find cheap tools or materials in case you need some. If you really love your hobby and it makes you happy, there should be no reason to sacrifice it.

    Green surface in NYC.

    A lot of people are using parks to stay fit and enjoy some of their hobbies.

    Stay ambitious

    Our ambitions can change over time. Events like moving, then trying to fit in and afford everything we need, can change our perspective. However, we shouldn’t give up on our dreams. If you don’t manage to get a perfect job, and you are forced to work something else, just don’t give up. In general, it’s tricky to balance those things but we should always strive to achieve them. Don’t try to save money by giving up on your ambitions. For example, if you like painting but you are working in a restaurant, apply for a class in your free time. You never know what will change tomorrow and you should be in touch with your dreams.

    Comfortable walking shoes

    Now, let’s say something about some materialistic things you shouldn’t save money on. If you are going to move to New York, you should know that walking is very much a great part of the NY daily routine. Spending money on comfortable walking shoes can only benefit you. You will save yourself from a lot of pain and hustle if you think about this. Also, don’t forget about the weather in NY in winter. A good winter coat, gloves, and a hat is something worth investing in.

    Comfortable shoes as an example of the things you shouldn't save money on when moving in NYC.

    People in NYC walk a lot, having a pair of comfortable shoes can’t hurt.


    Believe it or not, but the mattress is a very important thing. Really, the physical effort in NY doesn’t end with your working shift. You still have to come to your small apartment through the crowd and through the traffic. Therefore, the only appropriate thing you can do for your body is to buy a quality mattress. Comfortable rest after a long day is the only way to refill your batteries and stay productive.

    Bear toy “resting” in a bed.

    Do you know what is good for you as well?

    A comfortable chair and a desk

    There is a great chance that you will have to do a part of your work from home. This is especially true if you are into the IT industry. Not to mention that there are many people working from home. Because of that, you should not try to save money on a comfortable chair and an appropriate desk. After all, you are going to spend a lot of time sitting so it won’t help to have a cheap chair and a lot of pain in your back and your neck.

    Storage for your valuable possessions

    If you have valuable artwork or some old instrument you value a lot, but you don’t have a lot of room in your place, consider renting a storage unit. But, be careful when it comes to storage since not every storage would be good for your items. This is not the situation when you want to cut some costs since unusually cheap storage usually means it lacks something. It can be bad security measures or bad storing conditions, anyway, you can lose more than you think.

    Hiring professionals to help you move in NYC is one of the things you shouldn’t save money on when moving in NYC

    The best way of moving to NYC is to hire professionals. There is no need to risk with DIY moving and damage some of your precious items. Luckily, you can find many reputable companies like Trying to save some money with cheap alternatives usually proves as a bad choice. Also, it usually costs you more if, let’s say, your piano gets damaged in the transport. Or, as some shady companies can do, hold your items hostage until you pay a bigger price. Anything is possible in a large city like NY.

    Even though there are many things you should cut out to save some money, some things you shouldn’t save money on when moving in NYC. Buying expensive clothes or dining in restaurants is something you can live without. But, health, joy, appropriate rest and similar things should not be sacrificed in order to improve your budget. On the contrary, you should invest more in those areas.

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