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    The ultimate renter’s guide to NYC

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    The ultimate renter’s guide to NYC

    So, you are planning your relocation to New York City. Of course, you are very excited about it. However, you are also a bit confused and worried, for you are not so sure about what you should do. Do not worry. All of that is completely normal, especially if you are moving away from your home for the very first time. It doesn’t matter whether you are moving for college or work, our renter’s guide to NYC will surely be very helpful to you.

    Find an affordable place in NYC

    The first thing in this renter’s guide to NYC is finding an affordable place to rent. In some parts of New York City, rents are very expensive. For this reason, you must know where you should look for your new place.


    Brooklyn is a borough in New York City where rents are more affordable. For this reason, it is a great place for young people. Moreover, Brooklyn has excellent public transport, which is a very important thing to mention. Also, many private and public colleges are located there, which makes Brooklyn an excellent place of living for students.

    Brooklyn Bridge in NYC, as Brooklyn is an inevitable part of the renter's guide to NYC.

    Rents are not so expensive in Brooklyn. Also, public transport is great.

    The Bronx

    The next place in our renter’s guide to NYC is the Bronx. This New York City borough is not so expensive when rents are in question. Just like Brooklyn, the Bronx also has many universities, high schools, and colleges. If you are a student and your parents still have to support you financially, this may be the perfect place for you to find an apartment.

    A view of the Bronx.

    Flats in the Bronx are cheaper and more convenient for students.


    When Manhattan is in question, you have to be aware that rents there are very expensive. However, if you really want to live there, we advise you to look for a place in the north, for rents there are more affordable. Importantly, when you find a flat that is perfect for you, you have to be fast. Make sure to always have your references, checkbook, and your report at hand.

    A street in NYC.

    Flats in Manhattan are more expensive. However, in the north, there are some places that are more affordable.

    Hire a professional relocation company

    When it comes to your relocation process itself, you should avoid moving on your own. We strongly advise you to hire a professional relocation company, for they would make everything easier. Today, you can search the internet in order to find the experts who offer everything that you need.

    Find a roommate

    The thing that you would want to consider when it comes to living in New York City is finding a roommate. Surely, that is something that would help you to save a lot of money for you would be sharing your rent, bills and maybe other life expenses with one more person. Of course, if you want, you can find more roommates. But, you have to be respectful towards one another.

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