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    The Ultimate Moving Checklist: Have Fun While Packing

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    The Ultimate Moving Checklist: Have Fun While Packing

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    Deciding to move is an important milestone in one’s life. Such a project is exciting, as it is a time of great change but also a time of great stress. We’ve all been there: screaming at family members about the smallest things, packing last minute, jumping over piles of boxes, unpacking only to realize we’ve forgotten something. If only there was an ultimate guide, the ultimate moving checklist to follow for an easy, time-efficient packing and stress-free moving process. Well, we are here to tell you that there is a way to move by packing more calmly, in a simpler, kinder way. It is possible to be good to ourselves when going into such a huge project, but also good for our family, and the planet. Here is a list of great tips on how to pack with a plan for a headache free ride to your new house.

    This ultimate moving checklist is sure to help you with having fun while packing:


    The time of year can also be an important factor when moving

    5 weeks before

    • Organize a fun family event where you all invest time planning for moving. Go room by room and make a list of things you will be packing. Get your kids on board by promising them a reward or make it into a game. Let them play hide and seek, only use toys and clothes as the objects of search. Even if this takes to long for them (depending on their age), you can use it as a common distraction while you attend to more important (or more stressful) parts of moving.
    • Sort everything into 3 categories: keep, donate and throw away. Really take the time to do this, because this phase will help you declutter, downsize and simplify your packing process. Kids can participate in this process too after you have explained to them that their hide and seek toys (and clothes) game is very important for it. They can score points in the game and have three winning piles: special – for keeping, fairy godmother – for giving away to children in need, and old – swapping them for rewards like candy or more play time. It will be worth it in the end, so use a week to purge your home of things that will not be moving with you.

    Have fun while doing it!

    4 weeks before

    • Hire a moving company and set the date. Be sure to get insurance for your valuables and, or maybe you will need storage services for bulky furniture, so make sure you rent it in time.
    • Buy or rent clear storage boxes. This is guaranteed to make your packing and unpacking process easier for an ultimate easy move.
    Ultimate Moving Checklist: Puppy in a box

    Label all the boxes. The ultimate easy move couldn’t be complete without it.

    3 weeks before

    • Start packing. While wrapping, make an inventory list.
    • Measure your furniture, and also measure the space in your new home. Make sure everything fits the way you imagined it.
    • Make a plan for your pets. If you are moving locally, maybe you will only need a sitter. If you are making a big move, then consider a care facility. Check out our Moving with pets – tips and tricks article for more in-depth advice.
    • Make arrangements with companies to disconnect utility services the day after you leave your old house. Also, direct new utilities to install the necessary services at least a day before you arrive in your new home.
    • Change your address.
    • Make up a game to enjoy packing! Moving is a long and stressful process so make sure you take time off to meditate. Relax. Have a bubble bath.

    2 weeks before

    • Update your computer. Back up your files.
    • Go to an auto-mechanic and check your car, do the oil change if necessary and all the other tune-ups.

    Preparation is the shortcut to an ultimate efficient packing and moving! Tick off that moving checklist!

    • Notify your employer about moving and ask for days off on time.
    • Start clearing your freezer. Use up as much food as possible. Don’t waste. Donate food if you forget about this step.
    • Clean rugs and have them delivered to the new address.

    1 week before

    • Finish packing. Label the boxes. Call to confirm the moving company.
    • Donate the pile of clothes you separated for this cause.
    • Pack a “carry on” for the day of the move: a change of clothes or two for everybody, phone chargers, laptops… you know, the essentials. The ultimate moving checklist cannot be complete without this.

    The day before the move

    • Dissemble your furniture and label the screws and bolts carefully. This should save you a lot of trouble.
    • Unplug large appliances. Defrost the freezer and clean it. Have a pro disconnect the gas lines.
    • Have a house dancing party! It is so important to reduce stress during this time. It is almost over, the moving day is so close. Do not let it get to you in a bad way. Dance your stress away. Or just relax.
    A calculator on some documents.

    Making an inventory list will be very beneficial

    Moving day is here. The packing is done. The ultimate moving checklist is almost complete.

    You’ve made it to the end. Almost. Sad to tell you this was the easy part. Unpacking is the complicated part. If you made that list of your belongings that we mentioned, it should help you with unpacking also. After the moving company has loaded up your precious possessions and moved them to your new happy place, there is only the unloading left to do. Now the ultimate guide for easy packing and moving has just a couple more things on the list:

    • Supervise load-in, organize the order in which the boxes and furniture go in the truck or trucks. This will be very helpful when unloading.
    • Clean the old house/apartment.
    • Check if you left something behind. Do the last walking tour, check if you have turned off the lights or if you have forgotten anything.
    • Say goodbye and lock up.
    Check, check and check!

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