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    The complete guide to the pre-move purge

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    The complete guide to the pre-move purge

    On September 12, 2021, Posted by , In Moving tips, By , With No Comments

    When you have a plan to change your life and relocate to a new place, you have to do it in the best way possible. Making that move possible will require some steps. You will have to invest your time and energy. Each step is important, but there is something extra special in the way you start it. Conducting a pre-move purge is the best start. It is important in so many ways.

    Pre moving preparations

    Making a good plan and perfect organization is the key to success when it is time for moving. The whole journey will depend on how you begin with it. Decluttering, cleaning, and complete pre-move purge are the best ways to put your life on the tracks, decide about your priorities and save some space in the moving truck. This way you will save space and money and those are the resources you are going to need during your move.

    All the steps

    Having a plan during the pre-move purge is the thing that will keep you organized and you will not lose your mind in the piles of your stuff. Follow the order of tasks :

    • Examine each room individually
    • Make meaningful groups
    • Evaluate and label

    One at the time

    Don’t get confused. Cleaning one room at a time will give you some orders. The best way is to take everything out and go through every item. Sometimes we are not aware of the number of things we have until we are forced to do this. You will realize that you have so many things you don’t really need and, of course, you will find something essential that you have lost.

    Writing a plan

    Have a plan

    Divide and decide

    During the pre-move purge, you need to divide your stuff into meaningful piles. You can do it in many ways and by numerous criteria. You can split all your stuff into the ones you need and those ones you don’t want. Making a donation and junk pile can also be a good addition. Do not forget that you have storage as an option. When you don’t have the right option for some of your stuff, you don’t have a place for them at the moment, and you don’t want to throw them consider renting storage.

    Review everything one more time

    Always evaluate each item one more time. This is necessary because in the one moment something may seem necessary and in the other second you can realize that you don’t really need it. That is why you need to think twice. After this, you can wrap it, pack it and be sure to label it correctly.


    Check your stuff


    The pre-move purge is one thing at the begging of the journey that you have to do in the right way. Doing it properly will save some space and save your money. Also, it will help you to purge your life and you will be able to realize that the more is not always the merrier. Happiness is when your thoughts and life are arranged.

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