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    The best NYC neighborhoods to open a fine dining restaurant

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    The best NYC neighborhoods to open a fine dining restaurant

    People in your line of business often wonder about the best NYC neighborhoods to open a fine dining restaurant. The truth is – there is none and they all are. We will explain this and show you exactly what we mean and then you can continue your research and opening your fine dining restaurant soon! Obviously, you wish to open your place here in NYC and you should! But beware, this is a make it or break it place! And the competition can be quite hard. That’s why detailed research is a must. One thing you obviously know is that NYC is divided into five boroughs. You know all of them – the Bronx, Brooklyn, Manhattan, Queens, and Staten Island.

    One of the best NYC neighborhoods to open a fine dining restaurant

    Brooklyn might be the perfect place. You see this part of the town became very popular over the years. Hipsters and millennials made it so popular. Now it’s almost as amazing as Manhatten but the competition might be lower when it comes to fine dining restaurants. So you must consider Brooklyn first. There are a lot of rich and famous people living there especially in a neighborhood called Brooklyn Heights. Adam Driver, Emily Blunt, Jay Z, Bjork, and Daniel Craig are just some on the top of the list. They can be your customers soon enough. Of course, you need to attract them with something a bit more than just fine dining. You need a wow effect. Maybe a piano night can be a good choice? If you are wondering how to transport a big piano to your new restaurant – don’t worry, you don’t have to deal with that part simply leave it to experts and they will handle it.

    The view of Brooklyn, one of the best NYC neighborhoods to open a fine dining restaurant.

    Brooklyn might be the perfect spot for your fine dining restaurant.

    Manhatten – great choice but the competition can be rough

    Upper East Side or Upper West Side can be perfect for opening a fine dining restaurant but be very careful. There are plenty of them already there. This is simply that kind of place and it will be easier to bust there. Of course, if you have a good idea, great product, a wow factor and already know how to run this kind of business and on top of all, you find a place… Well in that case go for it! You will be in the right place for this line of work. And people here are already used to the idea of fine dining. You just need to believe in yourself and with a little bit of luck soon enough we will be reading all about your successful restaurant somewhere in Manhattan.

    The Bronx and Queens

    Both of those neighborhoods are known to be a bit rough around the edges. That doesn’t mean a nice restaurant doesn’t have a place there and won’t be successful. It’s the opposite. If you research neighborhoods and find a good spot this can be a very good option. Queens is getting nicer and nicer every year and opening a fine dining restaurant here can actually be an investment that could pay off nicely in a few years.

    The interior of a restaurant

    Make sure to consider those two options as well! Both of them can be a very smart choice!

    Is Staten Island one of the best NYC neighborhoods to open a fine dining restaurant?

    It can be perfect especially since locals like to stay in Staten Island and would rather choose a nice restaurant there than travel to Manhatten for fine dining. But we still haven’t discussed one thing about opening a nice restaurant here. The prices. You can expect to pay somewhere from an average of $300,000 for a small, comfortable restaurant in the city and up to $10 million for a four-star establishment so be prepared. Even though it sounds like a lot (and it is of course) you can actually pay off that sum very quickly with a little bit of luck. As we stated in the beginning this is a make it or break its place and some make it big.

    Opening your restaurant in NYC

    There will be a lot to do. When it comes to choosing the right neighborhood we suggest you do research on your own and take your pick. But when it comes to looking for the perfect property and the place for it then hiring a real estate agent might be a smart choice. This is what they do best and you should find a good (local) real estate agent. Just make sure to find a licensed one.

    eating out

    The food scene in NYC is legendary and soon enough you will be a part of that legend as well.

    Moving in your fine dining restaurant

    If you already have equipment somewhere stored or you have a business up and running somewhere else and need to relocate everything we suggest you don’t even try doing it on your own. That equipment is way too expensive and you risk breaking or hurting something. When it comes to relocating that kind of equipment you should leave everything to Slattery Moving and Storage and have a hassle-free relocation. That is the best option for you and all your items.

    Who can help with choosing the right neighborhood?

    This is a difficult decision and there are so many factors to consider. It is perfectly normal that you feel torn and unsure. That’s why you should take your time before making a decision this big. But still, it must be yours. You are investing your livelihood in this fine dining restaurant and so you need to decide. That doesn’t mean you can’t use some help. Talk to everybody who can help! From your family members, others in this line of work, you can even hire experts to hear their advice. Make a pro and con list for every location you like. Sometimes you see things clearly when they are written down. All that can help you make this decision so why not try it? Good luck and hopefully we will hear all about your new place soon!

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