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    The best New York family neighborhoods

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    The best New York family neighborhoods

    New York offers so much different opportunities and it is a beautiful, modern and diverse city. Many young professionals and millennials are moving here because of its many attractions. While it is a hip, active and trendy town, it is very suitable for families also. There are many New York family neighborhoods ideal for raising your children.

    Moving with family

    Moving is never easy. Such a big transition is usually followed by a lot of relocation stress. When you are moving with a family, this task becomes even harder. You don’t only have to think about your need, but also about the needs of every family member.
    If you want to move to NYC like a pro, there are some tips and tricks that will make your family relocation a bit easier.

    • Talk to your family about the move – Decision of the move has to be approved by every family member. If your children are a bit older, you may encounter the disapproval about the move from them. That is why you need to be tactical and explain the real reasons for the move. If you sugar coat it with the interesting that awaits them in New York, they will be easier to accept this change.
    • Hire the moving company – When you are moving with a family, hiring reliable professional movers is always the best option. That will take a lot of stress from the entire family, also you can all focus on more important aspects of the move.
    • Research the city – The new city that you are relocating to has to suit the needs of all your family members. Most importantly, it has to be safe and has good educational and health systems.
    • Choose the right neighboorhood – You have to be very careful when deciding between New York family neighborhoods. There are many criteriums that your preferred area should check out, so make sure to do your homework and research.

    The criteriums for choosing the perfect New York family neighborhoods

    The best way to be sure that you are choosing the best neighborhood in NYC for your family is to visit it. Make a list of the areas that interest you and book a short trip. Exploring them on your own will give you a much real picture. You will feel the vibe of the neighborhoods that you can’t get through the online search.
    Pay attention to these signs that prove that neighborhood is family friendly:

    Safe environment

    Safety is always important when you are searching for a new home, but it’s crucial when you are moving with family. Before you start to explore the neighborhood, find out what is the crime rate in them. You will have the most accurate information from the local police station. Cross all the areas with higher crime rates.

    Once you are exploring the neighborhood, focus your attention on these things:

    • Are the streets well lit?
    • Is there a heavy traffic?
    • Can you spot any kind of video surveillance?
    • Are there children playing freely outside without the chaperone?
    • Would you feel comfortable walking your kids around the neighborhood in the evening hours?
    • Are there bars within walking distance or the business are more family friendly (like ice cream parlors and family restaurants)?
    Safety is a crucial when you are moving with a family

    If there are children playing on the street or biking, it’s the sign of the family-friendly neighborhood.

    Great school district

    The education of your children is a very important thing to consider. While NYC has in general very successful educational system, the best schools are in the New York family neighborhoods.
    Quality of the school but also its proximity are crucial when choosing the perfect place for your family relocation.
    Research the school’s curriculum and choose a school that has a similar program as the current school of your child. That will make a transition to the new school much easier.

    Friendly neighbors

    Once you are walking in the neighborhood, don’t hesitate to talk to its residents at the parks or playgrounds. Explain that you are considering moving to the area and that you need first-hand information. People have a tendency to open up quickly about the neighborhood they live in  – bragging about its positive sides and complaining about its negative sides.
    Of course, their attitude towards you can tell you a lot.
    If they are relaxed, open and friendly to you, that is a sign of the strong community where people are happy with. If they are dismissive and refuse to talk to you, it may be best to search other New York family neighborhoods. The bad neighbors can transform your dream home into the living nightmare, and nobody needs that in their life.

    Kid-friendly Amenities

    A good location will have various amenities nearby. If there are plenty of vast space, playgrounds, sports facilities, and amusing kid activities than you have found the place where your family will enjoy living in.

    Choose one of the New York family neighborhoods with interesting kid amenities.

    It is important that your new neighborhood has a lot of kid-friendly spaces.

    The best New York family neighborhoods

    Bay Ridge, Brooklyn

    Bay Ridge is the part of the Brooklyn borough and one of the best New York family neighborhoods. It’s considered to be a „small town in a big city“ since it has a strong and connected community. This area boasts with excellent public schools, abundant outdoor spaces, numerous playgrounds and a variety of family-friendly restaurants. One of the most important NYC children events is taking place right here – annual Ragamuffin Parade for kids.

    Battery Park City, Manhattan

    The best school district in Manhattan is at the Battery Park City. This popular neighborhood is famous for its parks and playgrounds, including many interesting kids amenities. Nelson A. Rockefeller Park & Playground, West Thames Park and Teardrop Park are just within your reach. There are also plenty of indoor activities and vast spaces to enjoy nature. Many events for families are often organized, including the local New York Kids Club and the Poets House Children’s Room.

    Battery Park City is one of the best New York family neighborhoods

    This is one of the best New York family neighborhoods and the first on the list for moving with family.

    Forest Hills, Queens

    This is a real historical gem of NY, with Tudor- and Georgian-style homes with small yards. Only five five subway stops from Manhattan, it represents a calm place to raise your kids in. It is one of the most family-friendly neighborhoods in Queens. The Forest Hill has excellent public schools, mom-and-pop restaurants, and boutiques, and Forest Park – a spacious park with hiking trails and bridle paths, perfect for an active, outdoorsy family to enjoy it.

    Great Kills, Staten Island

    Staten Island has much more affordable housing options that New York City’s other boroughs. With lower house prices families can enjoy a bit more space – inside and outside their homes. Great Kills is the most common target for family relocation since it is one of the best New York family neighborhoods. Schools are excellent, and the coastline offers numerous attractions and entertainment for the whole family. The Great Kills Park is a part of Gateway National Recreation Area, where visitors can swim, relax and use the multipurpose trail system.

    Riverdale, The Bronx

    As a cozy community with lots of trees and pleasant neighbors, Riverdale is great for raising a family. It has some of the best schools in New York City, many fun family-friendly activities and gorgeous from Riverdale Park. Residents enjoy the annual Riverdale RiverFest, which offers yoga classes, live music, boat rides, and puppet shows.

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