How to turn packing into a game for your kids

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Moving is a complicated and stressful experience for everyone involved. It takes planning, good organization, and sticking to a time frame and schedule. If you are moving with kids it is even more complicated and problematic. Moving can be hard on them and they might not except the move easily….

How to organize your NYC move during the corona outbreak

We can all agree that moving is hard. It requires spending a lot of time, money, and energy. However, nowadays, during the virus season, that is, during the corona outbreak, moving is even harder. Thus, unless it is absolutely necessary, you should avoid it. Wait until everything is over. However,…

How to choose the best long-term storage option in New York City

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When the moving time comes, one of the major questions is: what are you going to do if you do not have enough space in your new home? Logically, you will look to rent a storage unit in which you can put the belongings. In this case, when we talk…

The Ultimate Moving Checklist: Have Fun While Packing

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Deciding to move is an important milestone in one’s life. Such a project is exciting, as it is a time of great change but also a time of great stress. We’ve all been there: screaming at family members about the smallest things, packing last minute, jumping over piles of boxes, unpacking…