How to choose the right location for your business in NYC

One of the most crucial aspects of opening a small business in NYC is deciding on a place. Finding the correct area is critical. Especially if you’re setting up a small retail or restaurant business. It has the power to influence visitor numbers. The business atmosphere, and the long-term success…

How to move out of a rental property – tenant move out checklist

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If you are renting an apartment, what to do when moving out? On what to pay attention? The moving process is not easy for tenants, it is very stressful, no matter where do you live now and where do you want to move? To move out of a rental property,…

Is NYC the next stop for Silicon Valley professionals?

In the years following World War II, New York City came to prominence as the art epicenter of the modern world. In other words – NYC replaced Paris as the cultural Mecca of the world. Everything that was happening in the art world since then – first happened in NYC….

How to find the right movers?

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When moving, you want to find the right movers that fit your criteria and your budget. But that takes some careful consideration and smart comparison. To be sure that your belongings are in the hands of an expert team of movers, you need to follow some steps. Here’s how to…

Office vs. Household relocations in NYC

Usually, moving is pretty straightforward, and there is not much of a difference between different kinds of moving. For example, there is not much of a difference between apartment vs household moving. Both of them require similar preparation and packing. But there are some differences. For example, you need to…

Moving to PA for work

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So you decided to move to Pennsylvania? We are happy to tell you that you chose one of the best places ever! If you are an eager expat from Europe you should consider first checking out the culture shock when moving to the USA. But if you are already met…

How to move your office to New York

If you are considering business relocation – NYC is the best place for you. Choose the location you like the most, make a thorough plan and move your office to New York. Chances are that once you have a bite of the Big Apple, you will never want to leave….