Tips for preparing your motorbike for long-term storage

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If you are someone who likes motorcycles you know that there are periods when you can’t ride them. During these times, especially if it’s an extended period, you don’t want to leave your bike simply parked outside. Actually, leaving your bike outside for as long as a week is an…

DIY organizing hacks for small NYC apartments

New York is a lot of people’s dreams come true. But, as with any other big city, it has its flaws. One of them is a lack of space. Everybody knows that when it comes to NYC, you’ll probably end up in a small apartment with a big lack of…

Living room storage ideas to help you keep clutter under control

Every home has clutter issues. No matter how much you invest into your interior design, furniture, or decorations, if your home is cluttered with unnecessary items, it will not look appealing. Naturally, the biggest problem that stands in the way of a modern and functional home is living room clutter….