Cheap yet modern DIY projects for your apartment

When thinking about making some cheap yet modern DIY projects, a few things come to mind. For instance, you’re probably thinking about how to stay on budget, while also doing something both interesting and creative. In fact, it’s quite possible. If you follow our great tips, we guarantee you’ll do…

Why staging a home is important

Not staging a home and letting potential buyers see it completely empty or picturing it empty for sites can be a huge mistake. When you are looking at a potential home for you, you are picturing yourself living there right? An empty place doesn’t look much like a home or…

Go green this spring with 5 easy steps

In case you have decided to go green this spring, then you will need some tips and ideas on what you can do. This will not be difficult at all, everything that you should do in order to be more eco-friendly is very simple. Therefore, just follow the tips from…

Give your Bronx apartment a make-over this spring: 4 DIY ideas

Spring is all about fresh starts for many people. This means that a lot of people decide to do something new. And since the current situation is as it is, a lot of people are deciding to actually invest in a home make-over. But this can be a costly thing…

Redesign Ideas for your Upper Manhattan home-based office

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Having an Upper Manhattan home-based office is one of the most amazing things. Living and working in Manhattan is a big plus nowadays as you are able to progress very fast if you are good at what you do. This is one of the best NYC neighborhoods to live in….

Preventing moisture in your NYC storage unit

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There are many benefits of storing items into a storage facility, but only if they are safe. Humidity is one of your enemies. Dealing with temperature changes is simple if you know how. The weather in NYC is changeable, every month is different, summers are hot and winters are very…

Small apartment design ideas

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Living in a small apartment has its advantages as well as some of the disadvantages. Since you will not need as much time for maintenance, you will have more of it for yourself and your family. The bills are less expensive too. That means more money left in your budget….