Guide to purchasing a rural house in southeastern Florida

When you live your whole life in a city, chances are that you dream of buying a rural or semi-rural house. This rural area with land and room for a big garden and enough acreage to justify putting anything on it that you dreamed of your whole life. Purchasing a…

Reasons why young New Yorkers are moving to Canada

Independence is such a hard goal to achieve nowadays, although the actual sound of it is a temptation for more and more youngsters aspiring to get life in their own hands. That only partly explains why young New Yorkers are moving to Canada.

Tips for Hong Kong students applying for NYU

Most students dream about finishing at least one year of college abroad. This can mean a new experience, learning about different countries. Also, meeting new people and having different opportunities is great! New York City is a place where young people all around the world want to go. New York…

How to job hunt before your move

Moving can be a bother on its own. However, you need to throw in all the things that ought to be done apart from it to get the whole realistic picture. Before you move, there are a lot of different things that you need to consider. There are more obvious…

Vermont for New York – things to consider before the move

Vermont and New York are two very different states even though they aren’t so far apart. If thinking about moving from Vermont to New York, you will be moving interstate and have in mind that this type of relocation can be stressful. But there are ways to make moving easier….