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    Student’s guide to moving from New Jersey to NYC in a rush

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    Student’s guide to moving from New Jersey to NYC in a rush

    Moving is a task that requires thorough planning and organizing, but that takes time. Sometimes the luxury of time is taken away from us and we have to speed things up and move in a rush. Moving from NJ to NYC in a rush is a stressful thing to do, but there are steps that you can take to make it a bit more survivable. Luckily for you, our experts from Local Moving New York have experience with things like this, so they will help you out. Let’s go over our student’s guide to moving from New Jersey to NYC in a rush.

    Why are you in a rush

    The two main reasons why people find themselves in a situation to move in a rush:

    1. They just found out that they have to move
    2. They were to lazy to start preparing and ran out of time

    Both of these situations are problematic but manageable if you follow our steps closely.


    Moving from New Jersey to NYC in a rush puts you in a situation where you don’t know where to begin with. You should begin with logistics. Even though you will feel like you don’t have enough time to do anything properly, you can. Sit down and create a list of all the things that need to be done (packing, hiring movers, finding a place, etc.). Finding a place in NYC should be the first thing you do. Having a renter’s guide to NYC by your side can be very helpful if you have never done this before. If you decide to DIY the move, call a truck rental company and arrange a truck. If you don’t want to do everything by yourself, start researching moving companies as soon as possible.

    Dog in a moving box
    Getting a truck or a moving company is an important step in this process!

    Finding a reputable mover is crucial if you want to be sure that your items are safe. You should only rely on certified people to handle your stuff and get them to NYC safely. After you find a moving company, decide on whether you will pack by yourself or if you will let the movers do that too. Since you are a student, keep an eye on the pricing of everything, especially if you are tight with money.


    Decluttering will both save you money and time. The fewer things you need to pack, the lesser will the price be. That is why you need to do a pre-move purge. Quick and easy packing is key when you are moving from New Jersey to NYC in a rush. Start by putting everything you don’t need on the side and decide if you are going to donate, sell or throw the things away. You can do all three, and if that is the case keep the things separated in three different piles.

    Moving is a great time to reduce the number of your possessions, and if you feel sentimentally connected to something that you won’t have room for in NYC, look into local storage companies. That way you will be able to put excess items in a unit and think about them when you have the space for them. This is also a good option if you will be moving back to New Jersey and don’t need most of your items in NYC.

    Pack a survival bag

    Before your movers arrive to pack you/you start packing, pack a bag of things that you will need to survive 48h. Clothes, medications, cosmetics, food, chargers, and anything else that you find essential should be in your bag. You should do this for every move, especially if you are moving from New Jersey to NYC in a rush. Once you are done with that, you need to start packing if you don’t want your movers to pack you.


    This will be a challenge, but it can be done both quickly and properly. You should forget about the organization and just start putting stuff in boxes. Your goal is to get all of your possessions from New Jersey to NYC intact. Purchasing moving insurance is a great way to additionally protect your items. That is why even though you don’t need to be too organized, you still need to be careful. So, use newspaper or towels to wrap breakable items for protection. If they are protected you won’t find yourself cleaning up bits of glass from the floor of your new place.

    Moving boxes in a room
    Packing in a hurry can cause many problems, so be careful while packing.

    Packing clothes usually takes the most time because you will want your clothes to be as snug as possible in the moving boxes. In this case, just take them from your closet and place them in boxes so they fit. If they are on hangers, just wrap them with a nylon sheet or saran wrap and tie them together. That way you will save yourself a bunch of time both when packing and unpacking.

    Don’t try to be a superhero

    Since moving is such a big thing, don’t try to do everything by yourself. Ask your friends and family to come to help you out because if you don’t you might even get hurt. By having a helping hand you will not only speed up the process but you will also do it way more efficiently. The most challenging tasks like packing up kitchenware will be much simpler if you have someone by your side to help you out. That’s why you should always ask your friends to help, but make sure to order a pizza and get some drinks to show your appreciation.

    Handshake of two men
    Having a helping hand during your move will save you a lot of time and energy.

    But, if you don’t have any friends or family nearby, you can always rely on your moving company. If you already arranged movers, you can always ask them to help you out. Even though this might come with some additional charges, it is worth it. Reputable movers like have multiple years of experience with things like these so you don’t have to worry too much. That expertise comes in very handy if you are organizing a quick move.

    In conclusion

    Even though moving from New Jersey to NYC in a rush has a lot of challenges, it can be done. By following these steps you will be set to tackle this challenge and get through it like a champ. Just don’t procrastinate and start preparing as soon as possible!

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