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    Staten Island neighborhoods – which one is for you

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    Staten Island neighborhoods – which one is for you

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    Staten Island has 62 neighborhoods you can choose from. But, where to move when you have a lot of options? Living in NYC is exciting and a little bit expensive. But, large cities such as New York is, can offer cheaper options and Staten Island is one of them. We will show you some of the best Staten Island neighborhoods you should pick. They are different and unique.

    A view of NYC at night

    Staten Island is one of the NYC’s neighborhoods you should consider as your new home

    Set your priorities

    Before you move anywhere and search for a new home, you should set your priorities. Do you want a neighborhood that is good for kids or you want a loud place with nightclubs near? To make this decision easier, you should explore tips for NYC newcomers and see what NYC has to offer you and what to expect. Even if you have been in NYC, being a tourist is not the same as being a resident. You will probably need to make compromises, but not too many of them.

    • Are you moving with family to Staten Islan or you want a family in the near future? This will determine almost everything when choosing a neighborhood, no matter where.
    • What type of home do you want, an apartment or a big family house?
    • What is your price range? Staten Island neighborhoods come at different prices, some of them are ordinary, while others are luxury.
    • Do you want a historic neighborhood or modern and new?
    • Do you want to commute to your work and back home, and how much?
    • Also, make a list of thing you do not want in your new neighborhood in Staten Island.
    Writing down the list of priorities for moving to one of the Staten Islands neighborhoods

    Write down your priorities and what you expect from your new life in a new neighborhood in Staten Island

    The best Staten Island neighborhoods to move to

    A move to New York on a budget is possible and Staten Island is a little bit cheaper part of NYC, especially cheaper from Manhattan. It is not a forgotten part of NYC, people just need to understand how much it could offer to residents. State island has friendly people and culture, the local ferry, amazing food, beautiful buildings, etc.


    Maybe you will hear a name Woodrow too, it is another name for Huguenot. It is located on the south shore and it is a beautiful part of Staten Island. Here, you will be able to find small and cute houses, luxury apartments, and huge property behind the house too. Huguenot is quiet and you will not find many businesses there. It is more family neighborhood.

    Great Kills

    Do not be scared by this name, no one will kill you here. Name is not promising, but a neighborhood is definitely appealing. One of the best Staten Island neighborhood to live in because it has everything. Great schools, beautiful beaches, nice restaurants, etc. If you want to settle down with your souse and kids, it is a good choice.

    New Drop

    It is a hip, historic, loud and quiet place, all at the same time. How? It has streets that are always full of people, and there are also many streets that are empty and quiet. Most homes are small and you will have a struggle with a parking lot. Besides that, everything else is amazing.

    West Brighton

    If you have kids, it is a perfect place because of a zoo. Most homes are old (some of them about 70 years), but they have charm. It is small but very populated. Now it is a safe place where you can live and relax. Crime is over and everything is on control.

    Todt Hill

    One hidden, little treasure of NYC. It has many green places and big and elegant mansions. A perfect place to enjoy and relax after a busy and stressful day at work. Some homes have the most incredible views of the ocean. It is also a great place for retirees too.


    If you love the ocean, you will love Oakwood too, for sure. It is located near Great Kills and people are welcoming. A middle-class area, which is perfect for young couples. Both, public and private schools are very strong and quality too. Moving to Oakwood, Staten Island, may be a good option for your future life.

    Atlantic Village

    It is not really a village. It is located on the south part and it has a shopping mall, beautiful beaches, and streets, and a lot of things to do. You will not definitely be bored here. Atlantic Village is a safe place to live in with incredible homes.

    Prepare for a move to Staten Island

    And now when you have chosen the best and safest NYC neighborhood you can start to search for moving companies. A mover must be reliable, experienced, licensed and insured. Also, you can hire a full-service moving company and you will not have any worries about the relocation.

    Question marks

    Prepare yourself for moving to Staten Island and find all the answers about relocation

    If you cannot pack all the household items by yourself, movers can provide boxes and pack your items. Make sure a company use quality and firm boxes. Damages are the last thing you need right now. NYC has many removal companies, choose the best one. Choose a neighborhood, find a new home, pack your bags, prepare yourself and move to Staten Island.


    Now when you know where to move and what are the best Staten Island neighborhoods, your stress-level should be much lower. Each one of the neighborhood is special and different, it only depends on you. What you want and where do you want to live. Places we mentioned are all good for living, but not for everyone.

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