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    Small apartment design ideas

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    Small apartment design ideas

    On October 8, 2019, Posted by , In NYC life, By , , With No Comments

    Living in a small apartment has its advantages as well as some of the disadvantages. Since you will not need as much time for maintenance, you will have more of it for yourself and your family. The bills are less expensive too. That means more money left in your budget. On the other hand, a small place can make you feel like you lack some precious living space. But since you have already gained time and money from downsizing, you can invest some in your small apartment design ideas to make it look more spacious. Here are some ideas you can try.

    Invest in proper lighting

    We cannot stress enough how important the lighting aspect is. It can even add value to any small apartment in New York or anywhere else in the world. Adding layers of lighting is crucial for achieving this effect. The dark, unlit corners would make every room appear smaller than its actual size. So, that is what we are trying to avoid. Wall sconces are perfect for lighting up walls and every corner of a room. The great thing about them is that they take no floor or table space at all, and yet they are very effective. When it comes to their price and style, there is a wide range of products to choose from.

    An empty room with big painting, mirror and ceiling light.

    Proper ceiling light combined with an oversized mirror can multiply the quantity of light.

    The ceiling light should be the main source of lighting in any small space. It should emit the light that is strong enough and that has a proper color for the room. For areas where you work, you should choose a brighter light than for the areas you use for relaxation. Choosing a statement ceiling light fixture can draw attention vertically, and that creates the optical illusion that the place is bigger than it actually is.

    Keep everything organized

    A room in which everything has its place can look so much bigger than any room full of clutter. You do not have an excuse. If you have too many items to handle during your move, you can keep your stuff safe during Queens relocation and leave some of it there to be stored until you decide what to do with it.

    Curtains can add up to small apartment design

    If you would like your apartment to look bigger than it is, you have to go for bright colors. That goes for furniture, floors, walls, pretty much everything. Curtains are not an exception. The lighter their color is, the better effect they will have. But, there is one more trick you should try. Have you ever wondered what the right height for hanging your curtains is? Well, it is simple. You should hang them some 6 inches above the edge of your window. This will create an optical illusion of a higher ceiling which will automatically increase the space. Naturally, the curtains need to be long enough to at least touch the floor. Remember, you should always keep your curtains clean and neat.

    Keep the floor space as free as possible

    The heavier your furniture is, the more space it visually occupies. If we take a look at two sofas which have the same dimensions, we would always say that the one with legs looks smaller. That is because it occupies less floor space, well at least visually. The same goes for all bigger pieces of furniture: beds, desks, bookshelves, etc.

    Sofa, chair and coffee table all have legs to occupy the least space which is important for small apartment design

    “Leggy” furniture looks like it is floating and it visually makes small apartment design look bigger

    It would be great if you could plan the complete layout of your small apartment design before you move in. That way, your team of relocation professionals in Bronx or wherever you are moving to can help you put everything where it belongs. You will not have to spend some extra time rearranging after the relocation.

    Small apartment design calls for specific colors

    When you live in a big house or an apartment, you can play with colors more freely. However, the small apartment can be ruined by too many colors or shades that are too strong or too dark. Brighter colors are a safe choice for any small room design. If you find the bright-colored walls too dull for your taste, you can try and find some nice wallpapers or choose one wall in your room to make an accent wall. But keep it simple with the rest of the walls.

    There are many ways you can make your walls look more appealing to the eye. Besides the sconces that we have already mentioned, you can use some wall art to decorate them. But, be careful there. Opt for some simpler and plainer frames since more dramatic options are going to eat up the valuable space. Wall art doesn’t have to be all about paintings. You can choose some graphics or family photos to decorate the walls. If your kids have just left the nest, you probably miss them and this could be a nice way to deal with it.

    A grey sofa with an accent wall behind it; many family photos on the wall

    Family photos are always great for decorating the accent wall

    Make most of your space by going vertical

    There are many modern solutions for using your wall space to store your books, figurines, house plants and other items. Ladder shelves are more popular than ever, and they can even replace your nightstand.

    Separate your rooms with furniture rather than with doors and walls

    Moving from a house to an apartment can be a little bit difficult for anybody who is used to living in bigger space. The reality is such that sometimes in an apartment we have to settle for multipurpose rooms. But, sometimes that is better than sectioning the small apartment into even smaller pieces. Right positioning of your furniture can help you achieve the effect of separateness without actually dividing the room. For instance, you can turn your sofa’s back to face the dining table area to separate the living from the dining zone. Or you can use a high bookshelf to visually divide the living room from the bedroom when they actually share the same space.

    Last but not least – a mirror is a deal maker in any small apartment design

    A properly positioned mirror can make any space look brighter and bigger. The best place for it is across the window.

    These were just some of the many small apartment design ideas. Hopefully, you will find them useful.

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