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    Rental property maintenance do’s and dont’s

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    Rental property maintenance do’s and dont’s

    If you have ever talked to a landlord he would say that property renting is a pretty tricky task. It is profitable, that’s for sure, but, it brings many responsibilities, as well. One of them is rental property maintenance. In most cases, prevention is better than cure, of course. But, let us take a closer look into what one landlord should and what he shouldn’t do along the way.

    1. Do the property safety inspections from time to time

    No matter whether your tenement unit is already occupied, or you’re still waiting for some new tenants, you should always have a clear picture of the unit’s condition. Always think as if you are the one who is supposed to move in. So, before you welcome your renters, inspect the electrical installations, do all the plumbing checks, and deal with the safety of your stairs or railings. And then, during the lease period do not just rely on your tenants notifying the issues. Some of them will not even pay attention to small leaks until they turn into a real problem. So, it won’t hurt if you do some checkouts occasionally. Many landlords often neglect this, so they don’t work on preventing the problem, but on solving it.

    A man is doing some installation repairs.

    Make sure everything is safe and sound.

    2. Do work with professionals on your rental property maintenance

    At first glance, this may seem like an unnecessary expense. However, the only one who you can really rely on when solving household issues is an experienced professional. It might be that you yourself know how to fix the lighting or unclog the sink. But it doesn’t mean you should rely on your skills only. You can never know if there is a bigger problem hiding behind a minor crack. Therefore, always keep at least three verified maintenance persons on your speed dial, and leave nothing to chance.

    3. Do not ask your renters to fix the problem

    When your tenant offers to deal with maintaining your rental property, it may seem like a great deal at first. But then, when you take a closer look, you will encounter this proposition’s flaws. Keep in mind they know it’s not their own property in question. Therefore, they may either try to fix the issue themselves or will find someone who offers the cheapest price. All they need is a quick solution, not the long-lasting one. What’s more, if your tenants have just moved out of their parent’s house, be sure they are not used to handling household repairs at all.

    There is a man installing a light bulb.

    Sometimes you’ll need more than a simple skill.

    4. Don’t wait until it’s too late

    Every landlord will tend to make his rental property maintenance as economic as it can be. However, the cheapest option usually isn’t the best one. Therefore, never neglect small household breakages. A wobbly pipe is not a big deal but by postponing the repair, you won’t make the problem disappear. What’s more, it will probably grow bigger and more expensive, as well.

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