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    Reasons why New York is so attractive to Philadelphians

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    Reasons why New York is so attractive to Philadelphians

    It’s no secret that people all around the world flock to the Big Apple. It’s the city of opportunities. And when we say opportunities, we don’t only mean business. When living in New York, you have the opportunity to grow your career, but also eat the best food, meet so many different cultures and experience some amazing things. Some say it’s the center of the world, on many different levels. But when we focus on Americans moving around the state, we can’t help to notice that many people from Philadelphia move to NYC. To better understand the nature of this, we wanted to show you the reasons why New York is so attractive to Philadelphians. Therefore, after reading this article, you might decide to move, too, and call New York your new home. Let’s start!

    Unemployment rate

    New York offers a lower unemployment rate than Philadelphia. As we mentioned, it’s the city of opportunities, whether you want to start a small business or work for a big company. However, competition is fierce. With such a huge population, you will find many people with the same qualifications looking for a job as you do. Fortunately, NYC gives you the opportunity to improve your qualities all the time and be better than others.

    NYC view

    Apart from many attractions, NYC offers stability and work opportunities at every corner.

    NYC is closer to the beach

    Even though Philly has a river, and it’s not too far from the beach, NYC has direct access to it. It’s surely one of the reasons why New York is so attractive to Philadelphians. There are several beaches you can visit during the summer, and spend your days off the best way possible.

    There are more museums

    Another reason why New York is so attractive to Philadelphians is the number of museums and art galleries. Art and history lovers can explore the cities’ museums and enjoy artsy events all year round.  NYC has about 100 museums, so there’s always something to do.

    Remember: If you’re from Philly and only visited NYC as a tourist, you probably liked it a lot. However, many people are afraid of the moving process, and if that step would be too big for them. There are things to consider if you decide to stay in NYC, but we ensure you that with proper planning and the help of reliable professionals, the relocation will be as smooth as possible.

    people taking photo in NYC and showing that New York is so attractive to Philadelphians

    It’s not a surprise that tourists sometimes decide to stay in NYC – New York is so attractive to Philadelphians so they also decide to move here.

    No smoke policy

    For people who don’t like the smell of cigarettes, NYC is a perfect city to live in. NYC has banned smoking in closed public spaces but later expanded that ban to parks, pools, beaches, and some other locations. Now Philadelphians who don’t like smoking will be able to enjoy some clean and fresh air in their favorite public spots.

    You don’t need a car

    In NYC public transportation allows you to reach any other part of the city very quickly. For that reason and due to high car maintenance costs, people don’t like driving in NYC. So, if owning a vehicle is too expensive or bothersome for you, NYC is the perfect place for you.

    Lower crime rates

    Even though it’s pretty busy and populous, NYC has low crime rates. These were significantly reduced in the last couple of years, so it’s something you shouldn’t worry about when finding a home here.

    people in the streets of NYC

    The Big Apple has become a safe city that not only is attractive to foreigners but locals, too.

    Moving to NYC – how to do it successfully?

    Relocation to a much bigger city is exciting but also terrifying for many new residents. Moves can be stressful if you’re not organized enough. Therefore, be sure to start your relocation process by writing a timeline of tasks and events until and after the moving day. This will help you mentally prepare for the transition. Also, you can keep track of the process of everything you need to do about the move.

    The budget

    Apart from making the plan, prepare a moving budget, too. We recommend you create a realistic moving budget and start saving in advance, so you don’t experience any stress related to the finances. You’ll have to contact your moving company and estimate moving costs, but also include the rent, travel costs, and other expenses. Take your time and keep track of your finances so you don’t end up spending more than necessary.

    Hiring a mover

    Another step in preparing for the move is scheduling your moving day. This is not easy to do on your own, that’s why a moving company can be a great solution. Superior Moving & Storage will ensure your relocation is handled with ease, which minimizes the stress for you. Experienced moving teams know everything about NYC relocations, so you won’t have to worry about every little detail. Moreover, if you’re moving into a smaller NYC apartment, they can provide you with additional storage space. This way, you won’t have to say goodbye to some of your belongings, but keep them safe in a storage unit.

    Do you really need to move everything?

    Starting a new chapter in NYC includes decluttering your living space and leaving unnecessary things behind. Even though you can use a storage unit for some belongings, there’s no need to bring useless items to your new home. Declutter your home and get rid of all the things you hardly ever use, or things that are damaged, broken, or outdated. Even though this seems like an unnecessary step, it will give you a fresh start to help you start a new life chapter with ease. Furthermore, it will be much easier to pack for the move and organize your items in your new NYC home.


    We need to conclude – New York is so attractive to Philadelphians for many reasons. But not only Philadelphians love this city – it’s favorite by all nations in the world. Moving here would mean stepping into a melting pot of cultures and languages – a unique experience that you can’t find anywhere else. Welcome to NYC!

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