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    Reasons people with kids prefer NJ over New York City

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    Reasons people with kids prefer NJ over New York City

    A lot of people are dreaming of living in New York. And why not? Being in the most popular city, in the center of everything, is not a bad thing at all. Usually, you can find great job opportunities across the different neighborhoods, have a decent living, and make progress in your career. However,┬áNew York City is, without a doubt, one of the most expensive cities in the world. That’s why many people with kids prefer NJ over New York City. Families of all sizes are crossing the Hudson River and looking for more affordable options. While, at the same time, great many of them are still working in NY.

    There are many reasons why people with kids prefer NJ over New York City

    The fact is, many highly populated cities are not exactly an ideal environment for kids. Even though many cities are making an effort to change this, it’s still not enough. Yes, living in New York as a single is quite doable, but still struggling. Especially for many young adults and fresh New Yorkers. Now, imagine you need to add kids to the equation. It can be really hard, if not impossible sometimes. That’s why many families are choosing easy and stress-free family relocation to suburbs and nearby places like New Jersey. Most likely, a great portion of those kids will come back to NYC after 20 years or so, looking for progress. But, that’s just the circle of life.

    People walking in the park.

    You will find a more laid-back way of living in NJ.


    Housing options in NJ are more cost-efficient

    You can’t expect to easily find exactly a nice, large, and really affordable housing options in NYC, especially in Manhattan. However, just across the river, you will find a plethora of options where you really get what you paid for. Having enough space for a couple of kids in a downtown Manhattan seems like a mission impossible unless you are swimming in money. By the time you make some earning and decide to have a family, you will probably get sick of miniature apartments, minimal furniture, and roommates. Most likely, you will grow tired of constantly calculating and managing your budget in a cent. But, if you are about to consider some alternatives, NJ might be the perfect place. Living in one place and working in another is completely common in NJ.

    Cost of living is a way better

    Living in the center of everything comes at a price. New York is quite expensive in every aspect of your daily life. Moreover, some parts are incredibly overpriced due to the location (Manhattan comes to mind). We know it’s a more or less normal situation because it’s a financial and business center. However, children don’t care for any of those expressions. That’s why many parents said “no more” to NYC prices and are moving to NJ. If you plan to follow their steps, you can get help from companies like Aceline Moving New Jersey for any of your arrangements. Some of the things that are significantly cheaper in NJ are:

    • gas
    • child care
    • rents
    • food
    • clothing
    • attractions
    • education

    And, these are just a small portion of things that are more affordable in NJ.

    You will probably have more time for your kids in NJ

    Generally speaking, lower prices in NJ are a good sign you won’t have to take an additional job to make a living. Unless you want to, of course. The point is, you will have a lot more time to spend some quality time with your children. A lot of new families find this to be a primary reason to move while the kids are still small. The possibility to have a decent life and share a part of every day with your kids is priceless.

    Kids playing freely outside as one of the reasons people with kids prefer NJ over New York City.

    Your kids will appreciate the time you share with them.

    Escaping from the crowd is one of the reasons why parents with kids prefer NJ

    Another reason families prefer NJ is the overall crowdedness. New Jersey has a lot more breathing space than you will ever find in NYC. There are no tourists on every corner, no noisy traffic, especially at night, and there is no rush and hurry like in NYC. In fact, you can enjoy the view, calmness, and have peace of mind in the park even in the middle of the day.

    Transportation and commuting in NJ

    NYC is becoming more crowded by the day. That means you can expect long commuting during peak hours, especially if you drive. Believe it or not, but you can travel faster to some parts of the city from New Jersey. Taking a ferry across the Hudson River or taking a train can get you almost anywhere within an hour. And, it’s much closer to Manhattan than some other boroughs of NYC.

    Lower taxes in NJ are yet another reason why parents with kids prefer NJ

    There is a significant difference in taxes in New Jersey. Sales tax in NJ is 3.5%, compared to NYC where they are 8.5%. Also, let’s not forget that there is no sales tax on clothes in NJ. Having one or more kids in NJ will definitely be more budget-friendly than in New York City.

    Great Schools is an important reason why people with kids prefer NJ

    An important factor for families with kids, when comparing the two cities, is education. New Jersey offers one of the highest quality public education system. In fact, it’s easily comparable with most of the non-public schools in other parts of the states. With the extremely high graduation rate NJ is among the top of the lists.

    Natural scenery

    Miles after miles of ocean coastline, amazing and beautiful driving routes, incredible state parks, and a stunning view across the Hudson River are just a part of it. Its incredible natural beauty is making NJ one of the most beautiful and children friendly environments. It’s still a city, but the city surrounded by attractive scenery which offers a great opportunity for exploration and fun.

    A man is relaxing in his boat on the lake in NJ.

    NJ has many amazing places you can explore.


    New Jersey is a very rich place if you consider all the fun places for you and your kids. Great theme parks, old school amusement parks, best beaches, and a variety of restaurants are just a small part of it. Not to mention friendly, honest, and open-minded people. There is really plenty of good reasons why people with kids prefer NJ over New York.

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