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    Reasons for moving to Seattle from NYC

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    Reasons for moving to Seattle from NYC

    People move all the time. Sometimes it is for work purposes, sometimes for bettering their kids’ future and sometimes it’s as simple as just wanting a change in their lives. You might hear someone is moving to Seattle from NYC and think why? There are plenty of reasons why someone would decide to relocate in that direction. Let’s explore some ideas as to why it might be a good idea to leave New York City and explore something completely different.

    Moving to Seattle from NYC

    The Big Apple is known as an urban, alive, and on the constant go type of city. With a very fast-paced type of lifestyle, it might get tiring at some point and you might want something a little different. In addition, as age catches up and we want to settle down and raise a family, most people will choose Seattle over New York City. One of the reasons for moving to Seattle might be for the reasons of having a quiet, family life down the road. It could also be a place where you can go and retire.

    A view of Settle which makes moving to Seattle from NYC seem attractive.
    The city of Seattle has plenty to offer no matter where you are moving from.

    Moreover, the idea of moving to Seattle might make more sense to you if you take into consideration the cost of living and taxes. Seattle is located in the state of Washington, meaning no income tax. Meanwhile, New York City has one of the highest income taxes in the United States. Down the road, you might actually consider moving to Seattle to save more money.

    Another reason why people are moving to Seattle more frequently is the feel of a big city, but with lots more nature to explore. The city of Seattle is also known as the Emerald City due to the fact that it is the home of many beautiful and luscious forests. While you are exploring these trails, parks, and forests, you might consider visiting the very first Starbucks or any of the many coffee shops in Seattle. People love their coffee there, so if you’re a fan there is definitely not a shortage of places to visit and try out.

    Relocation day

    At the end of the day, people move for various reasons. In case one of the reasons above is why you are moving, then the next thing you should do is have a plan. Create a list of things to do prior to your move, get your packing supplies in order and maybe even hire a team of professionals for some assistance. In case you need storage services, PortaBox Storage Seattle might be an excellent choice. It matters a lot when a team of professionals can pick up your items, store them if necessary and deliver them to where you choose to.

    A view of Seattle.
    Seattle has the vibe of a big city, alongside the many green and natural elements as well.

    In addition, when in need for quality packing supplies, do a bit of research online for quick and efficient tips on packing. The more effective your packing skills are, the more efficient unpacking will be at your new place. All in all, moving to Seattle can be fun, therefore enjoy the experience!


    The reasons for moving to Seattle from NYC are numerous. Of course, living in any of these two locations has both its good and bad sides. Your decision will depend on your preferences and needs so think carefully and then decide. make sure you organize your move well enough, especially if you are moving for the first time.

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