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    Pros and cons of leaving NYC for Seattle

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    Pros and cons of leaving NYC for Seattle

    New York City is one of the best cities to live in many would say and we would agree. There are plenty of things that make living in New York City an amazing thing but there are cons to it as well. This is the case with any place in the country you can think of. Every city has its good and bad side which means there are always both pros and cons to living there. The same goes for Seattle. It is a very beautiful city full of amazing things and opportunities but there are cons to living here. Especially if you are leaving NYC for Seattle. These are two very different cities to live in. New York City is much more lively but this doesn’t mean Seattle is a boring place. If you are thinking about leaving NYC for Seattle, here is where you will be able to read what are some of the pros as well as some of the cons of living in Seattle after living in New York City.

    Pros of leaving NYC for Seattle

    To start this article off on a positive note, let us tell you about just some of the pros first. And since you are here, you are probably more interested in finding out about them rather than the cons. Seattle truly is a beautiful city. A lot of people seem to believe that it is much nicer than NYC. And it can be depending on what we are comparing between them.

    Seattle at night.
    Seattle is to some even more beautiful than NYC. It s much cleaner.


    One of the best things about leaving NYC for Seattle is the fact that you will from then on be living in a very safe city. Seattle is very safe even though it is big and has plenty of residents. It isn’t safe when compared to any smaller cities in Washington but it is much safer than NYC.

    Any place is safer than New York City as it is a very unsafe place. This is because of the large number of people who live there and because of how expensive it is. The high standard is hard o keep up with which is why there are a lot of poor people in New York City. And unfortunately, desperate times call for desperate measures which is why people turn to crime. This is one of the main reasons why you should move from NYC to Seattle.

    Family on a beach.
    Having such a long-distance relocation with a family is worth it when your safety is in question.

    Bear in mind that unsafe Seattle neighborhoods exist as well. If you happen to relocate to one because of a lack of research, you can always move to another neighborhood. And if you need any help with settling in, hiring professional movers to handle the relocation is the best thing to do.

    A much more family-friendly place

    Seattle is a much more family-friendly place which is why a lot of people decide on leaving NYC for Seattle. Living with a family in New York City has its pros but there are plenty of cons. There are not enough parks where children could play which is not the case with Seattle. Seattle also has a much better air quality because there aren’t as many people and vehicles on the streets.

    NYC public schools are great but they are not as good as the ones in Seattle. There are plenty of them and all are diverse. In New York City, not all schools are diverse. There are some schools that are exclusively for a certain group which is not such a good thing if you ask us. Children should learn to be acceptive of others from a young age and you can achieve that by sending them to a diverse school. If moving such long distances with children, hiring Hansen Bros. Moving & Storage for moving assistance is the best thing to do.

    ferris wheel in Seattle.
    There are plenty of things you can do with your family in Seattle which is why so many people with children are considering moving here.

    Plenty of things to do

    NYC is not the only fun place in the country. So is Seattle. There are plenty of things that you can do in Seattle, so many museums and galleries you can go to. There are plenty of parks, gardens, restaurants, cafes, and bars as well. Going to the cinema is always an option as well s visiting one of many theatres that are to be found here.

    But this is also the case with NYC. So, if you don’t want to leave NYC but are unhappy with where you are currently living, consider moving to another NYC neighborhood rather than relocating to the opposite side of the country.


    Now that you know about just some of the pros of leaving NYC for Seattle, you are probably wondering what are the cons for living in Seattle. Well for starters, it isn’t New York City. People from NYC have very high expectations generally as they are used to a certain way of living. Living in New York City is a unique experience. If moving to Seattle hoping you will live the same as you did in NYC, we have to crush this illusion. No matter how much these two cities may look alike, they are not the same. Seattle has a much slower pace and isn’t as lively as NYC is.

    But this is actually everything we can say about the cons of leaving NYC for Seattle. The only thing left to say is that you will surely be missing New York City like crazy after moving. But adjusting to living in Seattle is easy. And that would surely be another pro worth mentioning. Moving long distances can be made easy if you manage to find reliable long-distance movers. There are plenty of them out there, especially in NYC, you just have to choose one.

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