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    Preventing moisture in your NYC storage unit

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    Preventing moisture in your NYC storage unit

    On February 9, 2020, Posted by , In Storage Tips, By , With No Comments

    There are many benefits of storing items into a storage facility, but only if they are safe. Humidity is one of your enemies. Dealing with temperature changes is simple if you know how. The weather in NYC is changeable, every month is different, summers are hot and winters are very cold and snowy, and falls are rainy. That is not good for your items especially wooden material and paper. Moisture in your NYC storage unit can be prevented with a few simple tips.

    Tips for preventing moisture in your NYC storage unit

    As you already know, temperatures and humidity levels in New York can be bad for your items. It is one of the challenges of living in NYC. But, luckily, everything can be solved and you won’t have a problem with damaged items.

    A man standing in the rain in NYC.

    NYC is cold and rainy city and that’s why you should pay more attention to moisture in your storage units

    • Check the humidity level inside a storage unit. It should not be higher than 50%. Ask professionals to check it for you or better, install humidity gauge in your storage unit. It is better because the humidity level is changing, especially during fall and winter in NYC. If you see that the humidity level is too high, then check if there is mold or leaks.
    • If you want to rent an outdoor storage unit, then you must check if there are any leaks. But, you should check it when it is raining outside. Inspect cracks and holes in the storage unit. Do this check often, to keep items safe.
    • Choosing the storage unit in good condition is the best prevention. So, before you rent it, choose wisely and choose a high-quality storage unit in NYC. Researching companies, read online reviews, and visit websites such as and social media.
    • The items you are storing must be completely dry. Even one wet item can ruin everything. Moisture in your NYC storage unit can grow mold and mildew and then it is too late. So, before you pack items, dry them.
    • Keep your items off the ground (you can use wooden pallets and place items on them instead of concrete floor) and wrap them properly. Wrap them in a plastic sheet and cover them with a blanket.
    Mold on the wall and moisture in your NYC storage unit.

    Mold can damage all your items and moisture is dangerous if you need to store wooden and paper materials.

    Using desiccant is the best prevention

    Desiccants absorb water and that is what you need in your storage unit. Choosing the best long-term storage unit in NYC is a good start, but not enough.

    You can make desiccants by yourself or to buy them in the store. Some of the best desiccants you can use to prevent moisture in your NYC storage unit are silica gel, salt, rice, kitty litter, and charcoal briquettes. They are not expensive, so anyone can afford it and keep the items safe and dry.

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