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    Plumbing checks to do before moving in

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    Plumbing checks to do before moving in

    Moving is often stressful and under the veil of uncertainty. Most people dread moving as they can’t handle stress and feel too anxious about it. If you are moving to a new place it can be even more complex. You tend to worry about the new neighborhood and neighbors. You have to get acquainted with your new surroundings and get used to new surroundings. One source of worrying can even be your new apartment or house. There are many unknowns that you might have to handle about it. So to be sure it is good to make some checks before moving in. There is a long list of them but plumbing checks to do before moving in are at the top of the list.

    New home check

    There are a number of things that can go wrong in your new place and that you should check out. Weather you are moving for the first time or you have experience, the advice is to have a list of checks to perform. Plumbing is at the top of the list. Having an inspection of the plumbing is always a good idea and you can benefit from it. First, plumbing checks can can help you identify potential issues ahead of time. This will help you act in advance to prevent problems from occurring. In return this will save you money and prevent excessive damage and expenses in the future. Secondly professional inspection will easily identify problem areas and suggest repairs where needed

    Complex system of water pipes

    A plumbing system can be complex so be sure to hire a professional to perform plumbing checks

    Plumbers usually check drains, flooring, pipes, and sewage. It always a good idea to hire a licensed plumber. The expense can be well worth it, but there are some checks that you can do yourself:

    • check for mold
    • check for noises
    • ask the neighbors
    • perform a visual check


    If mold is present in the house it can be a sign of water leakage. It can be from both the water supply system and from the drainage system. Make sure to ask the owner or realtor for its source. It may even be from the leaky roof but it is important to identify the cause so you may know what you have to deal with. If you find mold but not its cause be sure to hire the plumber to identify the cause.

    Dripping faucet

    Do a DIY check for leaks, mold and noises coming form the system

    Check for noises

    Noises in the plumbing system are not a good sign. They are usually caused by the water having to stop suddenly due to a problem in the pipes and valves. The noises can be caused by clogged pipes that may become too stressed and start leaking. This may be a considerable problem and a cause of the damage, so be on the lookout.

    Ask the neighbors

    If you are moving into an apartment building one of the shared systems will be the plumbing. Asking the seller, landlord or realtor about it wont hurt. You can also ask the neighbors if there are any common plumbing problems or issues in the building. This will give you an idea about what to expect and the potential problem you can have or prevent after moving in.

    Check the entire system

    It is always good to make a checklist and go through it. So check your water meter, inspect the water heater, check for leaks, check for faulty taps and valves, check for clogged drains. This will make you calmer and also help you identify potential problems and solve them before they occur.

    People checking the kitchen sink

    Do your own inspection but get a plumber to perform complex plumbing checks

    All in all, try to keep your eyes open to prevent any issues and damage that can happen. Performing your own plumbing checks is advisable. But, always be sure to hire a professional for a thorough inspection that can save you a lot of money in the long run.  

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