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    Plants for the apartment – which are suitable?

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    Plants for the apartment – which are suitable?

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    Have you ever entered an apartment and thought “something’s missing”? Sometimes the lack of plants in a room makes it sort of uncomfortable and cold. Having plants in your apartment, whether you just moved in or you have been living there for a few years already, makes the apartment feel more welcome and bright. Plants for the apartment have the power to turn a regular room into a beautiful and fresh-looking one. But of course, not every plant is suitable for every apartment. There are big apartments, small apartments. There are also big and small plants. How to be sure which one is the most suitable?

    Making an old apartment feel new

    As strange as this may seem, I can assure you a few new plants for the apartment here and there will make a huge difference. If you are someone who has a small apartment and doesn’t want the responsibility of taking care of plants, there are some even for you. Use one of the great design ideas for small spaces and everything will come to place. For example, a few cacti or aloe vera on the window shelves in your apartment make a big difference. They are low maintenance, they require watering only once in every few weeks and they don’t grow very much.

    Plants for the apartment on the floor next to a window.

    Put your plants on the floor if you have enough space

    On the other hand, if you are someone who still has a lot of free space around and you are willing to put some effort into keeping plants alive, consider getting a plant that grows a bit more. For example, try the fiddle leaf fig. It’s a plant that requires medium light and some basic care. It’s suggested you keep them on your flor, as they grow tall. But if you don’t prefer tall plants, consider getting the Iron Plant. It’s a beautiful, dark-leaved plant that doesn’t require much care or sunlight. It’s perfect for long, wide hallways or smaller and darker rooms.

    Make a new place cozier with plants for the apartment


    New apartments tend to have an empty feeling. After you say goodbye to the workers of your moving company from New York and stay alone in your new place, you can get lonely. And what’s worse than a feeling of loneliness and emptiness? Sometimes, plants are the missing piece to the puzzle! Try making your new plants stand out. Whether it’s by putting a regular plant in a fun-colored pot or by getting a plant with colorful flowers. That’s if you have a plain room in light colors such as white, light gray or beige. I suggest lavender or violets. They both make a wonderful pop of color.

    But if the room is already colorful, try keeping a plant with white or light-colored flowers. A beautiful plant with white flowers is Peace Lily. It’s a gentle plant that doesn’t need a lot of sunlight or special care. It’s perfect to put in front of a colored wall in your apartment.

    Sunflowers in a clear glass vase in front of a white wall.

    Sunflowers make a perfect pop of color

    Of course, if you’re someone that likes to change things once in a while, buying a new bouquet every week is just the thing for you! Putting bouquets in perfect vases, such as fancy vases, make apartments feel more expensive and fresh. Keep them on your dining table or your coffee table, they are really thankful wherever you put them. Try with the classic, beautiful roses. If you are someone who likes big but simple flowers, try Calla Lily. It’s a wonderful, tall, white flower. But if you’re looking to bring back the joy in the room, you need sunflowers in your apartment! You definitely won’t go wrong with any choice.

    Plants for your kitchen

    Some people find it absurd to keep plants in your kitchen as there is soil and sometimes bugs. But let me tell you: plants are your best friends in the kitchen! If you have a small kitchen, it’s better to get rid of some stuff, or put them in storage space in NYC, to make room for plants. Keeping a nice little basil bush, or mint will give your kitchen a beautiful scent. You can also go for:

    • thyme
    • coriander
    • parsley.

    Not to mention the amazing taste they will give to the food you make! Putting them next to a window will definitely make them grow fast. You could also try to keep Cherry Tomatoes. They don’t take up a lot of space and homegrown ones taste much better than store-bought ones.

    Bathroom friendly plants

    Not all plants would survive the humidity of a regular family bathroom. But don’t worry, bamboos exist! Putting a bamboo in your bathroom will spin the whole room around. They are simple but trust me, you need them in your life. An Ivy is also a great choice, it’s one of the best plants for purifying air which is exactly what bathrooms need. And if you are more of a flower than a plant person, Orchids enjoy humidity and they look beautiful. They come in many colors so you have a lot of choices to choose from.

    Are plants suitable for children’s rooms?

    The answer is simple: YES! Keeping plants in your child’s room is a great way to keep the room fresh, young and healthy. After you are finished moving with your baby or older kids, you could maybe try getting them interested in the plant keeping process so you don’t have to think about it all the time. Start slow, a nice little succulent on the window will make a great first plant for your child and the room itself. If you are feeling confident, get a Bonsai Tree. These small trees are wonderful for children as they look adorable and unique!

    Two people sitting next to a window with plants.

    Plants and apartments are best friends

    Plants and apartments are best friends

    Whichever decision you make, we’re sure you will be satisfied with it. Plants for the apartment will not only make your place feel better, but they will also make it fresher, cleaner and nicer whether it’s old or completely new. It’s most important that you and your family feel good in your home. And don’t worry if your plant dies, it’s an opportunity to get a different one. But don’t just stop at one. Keep experimenting until you find what is best for you.

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