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    Places to consider if your are moving to New Jersey

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    Places to consider if your are moving to New Jersey

    Considering moving to New Jersey soon, but you still don’t know where to move? Choosing the right location is half of the job and one of the most important factors. It depends on many different factors, budget, lifestyle, are you moving with a family or alone, where your office is, etc. This task may cause you a headache, it is not simple to pick your future home town. But, you should know how to prepare for relocation stress and how to move with easy to NJ. When moving, exploring potential places is a good way to start. After that, moving preparations will be easier.

    What to know before moving to New Jersey?

    Why NJ is so special and what this small state has to offer to residents? Moving is daunting, in every way, but, when you know what to expect after relocation, things may get less-stressful.

    • It is divided into 3 regions and all of them are different and special (North, Central, and South Jersey).
    • The weather is nice because summers are how and winters are cold and snowy. So, you will experience all 4 seasons in one year.
    • Public transportation in NJ is organized and well-coordinated.
    • It has good schools, and that’s why many students in NJ stay here or move here for college.
    • Roads here are some of the busiest roads in the country, so you will need a lot of patience when moving to New Jersey.
    Packing for moving to New Jersey.

    After choosing where to move, hire a moving company to help you out with this relocation

    Best places in NJ to move to

    Before hiring a moving company for your upcoming relocation, a company such as Ample Moving NJ – you should first choose a place where to move to. Luckily, NJ has a lot of beautiful places to consider as your future home. Each city is special and different and where you will move depends on your priorities. But, we have separated some of the top towns and suburbs in NJ. So, let’s start.

    Location icon.

    Choose a place where to move to

    Upper Montclair

    This place offers residents a dense suburban feel and NYC is relatively near. It has plenty of restaurants, coffee shops, parks, and nightlife options so, you won’t be bored here. 80% here own a home and the median home price is $750,000 which is affordable for this relocation. After all, NYC (Manhattan) city is near. 30% of residents are younger than 17, which makes it a good place to raise a family.


    One of the pros of living here is affordable rent prices. The median rent per month is $1,170 and if you want to buy a home, the median price is $289,000. It is a diverse suburb with a population of more than 50,000 people. For easier moving to Plainfield, locals can give you a helping hand and make your relocation simple. By hiring local movers, you won’t worry about items transportation and moving them to your new house in Plainfield. 


    When people are moving to New Jersey, most of them want to move to Ridgewood or at least want to consider it as an option. Public schools are great, the crime rate is low, the nightlife is amazing, and the housing is affordable. It is a suburb of New York City and located in Bergen County. Homes are big and most of them have a backyard where kids can play. If you have children, you should at least consider this place as your future home town.

    North Bergen

    North Bergen is a place with amazing nightlife and at the same time, it is a very diverse place in NJ. It offers residents an urban feel and many families and young professionals live here. Crews from the area can assist because they already have a lot of experience with moving to North Bergen. There is so much diversity among various Hispanic cultures here and the diversity in North Bergen really makes up for whatever it may lack.


    This small town has about 31,000 residents and many families with kids love to live here. Overall, people with kids prefer NJ over New York City especially places such as Princeton because the crime rate is low, schools are great, and it is diverse. The median rent here is $1,600 but most people, around 60% own a home. If you have kids, this may be a perfect option for you and your children too.

    NY and NJ map.

    New Jersey has plenty of places where you can move, so explore them and if you are able, visit some of them before moving there

    Mountain Lakes

    Mountain Lakes is one of the most beautiful places in NJ and one of the safest places in NJ. It is a very small place with a population of only 4,500 and it is located in Morris County. Almost all residents (94%) are owning a home here and the median home price is around $850,000. The median household income is $215,000 which is way higher than the national average of $55,000.


    If you want to move to Camden County, Springdale is one of the best options to choose from in this county. Philadelphia is very near this suburb of NJ and it offers residents a sparse suburban feel. Housing is very affordable, maybe the most affordable on this list which is one of the reasons why this is the best place to live here.


    Westfield is located near Plainfield and both places are near Newark. If you are moving to New Jersey and want to be near Manhattan, Westfield is one of the options. It has a population of 31,000 and most families choose to live here because it is safe and family-friendly. Incomes are high and the job market is strong as well as the economy. It is a popular town and the traffic is sometimes crazy but you should handle it after adjusting to life here.

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