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    Places in Texas where New Yorkers feel at home

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    Places in Texas where New Yorkers feel at home

    Are you tired of living in New York and you are ready for a change? If you are considering Texas as your future home, one of the first steps to take is to choose where to move. After all, Texas is a big state (second on the list, after Alaska, when it comes to the size). Also, it has many beautiful towns and cities. What are the places in Texas where New Yorkers feel at home and how to find them?

    Reasons for moving to TX

    There are many challenges of living in NYC and some people want to leave NY and move to a totally different state. What are the reasons? Why are people leaving NY for TX, and what this state has to offer?

    Lower taxes – Texas has no personal state income tax and other taxes are lower too, compared to taxes in New York.

    A strong economy and job market – Texas leads the nation in employment growth and job opportunities are one of the main reasons for moving there. Some of the country’s biggest companies (headquarters) are located in TX. Such as AT&T, American Airlines, Dell, etc.

    New York skyline.

    If you move out of New York, consider Texas as your next home. More and more people are moving to Texas because it has a lot to offer

    Costs of living – as you already know, NY is not a cheap place. There are so many places in Texas where New Yorkers feel at home and still manage to save money. Housing is more affordable (55% cheaper), transportation, utilities, etc. You will be able to move to Texas on a budget and after moving to save money too.

    Weather – NY has cold and rainy days, snow during winter. If you want warm weather and sun all the time, Texas is for you because it has a subtropical climate. Have nice weather all year round, not just a couple of months.

    Places in Texas where New Yorkers feel at home

    Choosing the right location for your home is a key. Where you will move to depend on many different factors. Some people are looking for a big city, some people want family-friendly places with good schools, etc. Here is the list of places in Texas where New Yorkers feel at home so you can consider them as your future home.


    The main reasons for moving to Austin are a strong job market and low crime rates. It is similar to NYC because many companies are located here, the nightlife is amazing, and there is always something fun to do. It is the heart of Texas, so you won’t be bored here.

    San Antonio

    If you want to live in an affordable city, San Antonio is one of the options. The costs of living here are very affordable and also, it is one of the most important historical monuments in Texas history. BBQ is taken seriously here, and other food is delicious. If you want to move to a suburb of San Antonio, you have a lot of options such as Scenic Oaks, Helotes, Terrell Hills, Olmos Park, etc. For a long-distance relocation from NY to San Antonio, you can rely on professionals and move to any part of San Antonio hassle-free.

    Fort Worth

    DFW area is known for its diverse cultural scene and the TCU Football team. Popular brands like Southwest Airlines and Verizon are located in Fort Worth. Also, it is a hub of business activity and the economy is booming fast.

    Question marks symbolizing if there are places in Texas where New Yorkers feel at home.

    Where to move and how to move to Texas from NY? Be fully prepared to answer this question


    It is the largest city in Texas and something is always happening here. That is the similarity to NYC. A big city with a big population. Also, it is one of the best foodie cities in the USA and it has some of the best cultural institutions. NASA’s Johnson Space Center is located here and it is one of the reasons to move. You can reach the city trouble-free and organize your interstate relocation from New York to Houston with ease.


    If you want to live in the green city and to be near parks (you will need max 10 minutes to the nearest public park), Plano is the place for you as a New Yorker. Some of the biggest benefits of living in Plano are high median income, short community time, and low crime rate.

    How to move from NY to TX hassle-free?

    Long-distance relocations are not easy to handle. Moving from one state to another is very stressful and complicated, that is why you need moving professionals to help you with the transportation. After choosing a place in TX where to move, it is time to research moving long-distance moving companies in the US. Many people nowadays are looking for movers online, so one of the websites to visit is for sure.

    Transporting items to one of the places in Texas where New Yorkers feel at home

    Organize transportation of all your household items from New York to Texas. Make sure to hire an experienced moving company and you don’t need to worry.

    You will have a lot of tasks to do when moving to a different state. Transferring all the documents, changing the address, packing, if you are moving with kids, you need to prepare them too. Also, you need to search for a new home to rent or buy. To move like a pro, ask for help, and you will move hassle-free. By hiring a reliable and reputable moving company, your relocation will be safer are easier.


    To be sure you are moving to the right city, visit some of the places in Texas where New Yorkers feel at home and get your own opinion. If you know someone who moved from NY to TX, ask for advice. The lifestyle in Texas is very different from the lifestyle in NY and you will need some time to adjust. Starting from the weather, people, to culture, etc.

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