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    PCS move to Virginia – tips for finding reliable movers

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    PCS move to Virginia – tips for finding reliable movers

    On July 20, 2021, Posted by , In Moving tips, By , With No Comments

    There are plenty of military employees living in New York City and plenty of them receive a PCS. A PCS is a permanent change of station meaning there are plenty of New Yorkers moving away to another state. One of the states where they get moved to is Virginia. Living in Virginia is much different than living in New York is. Their differences are nothing to worry about if you are having a PCS move to Virginia. You will shortly get adjusted to living there after relocating. But in order to be able to do so, you need to make sure to have a stress-free move. Since it is a long-distance relocation, this won’t be an easy task without the assistance of reliable movers. But finding reliable movers might not be such an easy task for many.

    There are plenty of moving companies to choose from, especially in New York. Hence why we decided to write this guide on how to find reliable movers for your PCS move to Virginia from New York. It might sound like not such a complicated task but when you are faced with so many options it is very easy to pick the wrong company to hire. But the following tips will help you make the correct decision and have a stress-free relocation.

    Start searching for a company on time

    A very important thing to do is to start searching for a moving company on time. Since there are a lot of options you will need a lot of time to find a moving company that suits your budget and needs. Almost every company has different pricing and they offer different services. You need to find the one that has all that you need. Finding an affordable moving company is not such an easy task when you are moving from New York to Virginia.

    As you are a military employee, you need to find a moving company that offers military moving services. Zippy Shell Northern Virginia is a moving company that offers such services. If not hiring this company, you might need some time to find another reliable one that offers these services. And that is why starting your search on time is important.

    There are plenty of moving companies to choose from hence why starting your search on time is important.

    Search for a company online

    The first place to go to when trying to find a moving company for your PCS move to Virginia is the internet. The internet is where you will find all the moving companies in your city or state. But you have to be careful when doing so as there are plenty of scam moving companies.

    These scam moving companies are very dangerous as they have various scamming ways. From stealing your belongings to overcharging for their services. No matter what sort of a scam is in question, it is best to avoid having to deal with such a situation. It is unpleasant and very stressful to go through something like that when PCS moving. Especially when having a family military move. This is why you have to know just how to search for a reliable moving company.

    How to search for a reliable moving company online?

    Not everyone knows just how to search for a moving company online. And that is what we are here to help with. Search for a moving company in your area. This is the safest way as you will be able to head over to the company’s office and speak to somebody in person about your relocation. Not only will you be able to speak to someone but see their trucks and employees as well. This is very important as the appearance of the staff and their equipment also tells you whether a company is reliable or not. You can turn to specialists any time but turning to the wrong ones when having a military move is not a good thing at all.

    Two people with paperwork.
    Speaking to somebody in person regarding your relocation is much better than doing it online or over the phone.

    In order to make sure that the company is reliable you have to do your best when researching the company. You can do all the needed research on time. There are plenty of websites such as blogs and forums where people write their opinions and experiences regarding moving companies. You can find these websites easily and read all that you want to know.

    A good place to check is the company’s social media profiles. This is also where people usually leave comments about the services which they hired as well as how the staff behaved during the relocation process and whether they had any issues with the company. If also searching for a convenient way to keep extra items after moving to Virginia, you have to do research on this as well. A lot of moving companies also offer storage services. But if doing so, you have to search for a moving company in Virginia. You can do so much easier after you relocate there.

    Leaving a review.
    There are plenty of people online writing their opinions and experiences with moving companies in all states.

    Read the contract

    A very important thing we need to pull your attention to is to read the contract before signing. The company will tell you that it is a formality, which it is, but that surely doesn’t mean you don’t have to read through it. There might be some things that the company didn’t mention or you forgot to ask such as things about moving insurance and damage to your belongings. Getting moving insurance is never a good idea which is why we are now reminding you to get it after finding reliable movers for your PCS move to Virginia. If you don’t hire reliable movers, you might end up having to handle disputes with your movers which is certainly unpleasant and not something you want to deal with after your PCS move.

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