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    NYC senior’s guide to the most charming places in Virginia

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    NYC senior’s guide to the most charming places in Virginia

    It seems that today Virginia is gaining popularity among the senior population. This state is proving to be a popular alternative to NYC for the retirement years. It is obvious that in the golden years’ people tend to stay away from the crowds and rush and seek a calmer environment. This makes Virginia perfect. It is a safe and quiet state without too much commotion. It also provides a lot to do and cant be boring. So, it’s clear why seniors are moving here. But if you are considering a move for retirement let us help you a bit. Let’s start a short NYC senior’s guide to the most charming places in Virginia.

    A short statement about Virginia

    Moving after retirement is the most common thing a senior can do. Usually, they want calmer surroundings and some peace and quiet. Virginia seems to be the perfect place. First of all, it is a place of some of the greatest historical events in the US. It is a place of history, heritage, and beautiful nature. But it is not boring. The state is teaming with life and great outdoor activities. It offers seniors a lot to do and offers them an active retirement and some fun times.

    Seniors on a beach
    There are many places that are great for seniors here

    Coupled with tax deductions and security benefits it is the place you want to move to. But before you start your move with Fairfax Transfer and Storage you should choose your living destination. Luckily with this NYC senior’s guide to the most charming places in Virginia, the choice should be easy.

    Where to consider living

    Virginia has so much to offer to seniors from all over the US. There are plenty of small towns and cities that are perfect for retirement. Theis main staple is that they are safe, quiet, beautiful, and certainly not boring. Some of the most charming ones are:

    • Virginia Beach
    • Arlington
    • Vernon
    • Falls Church
    • Williamsburg
    • Alexandria

    Virginia Beach

    One of the cities with the largest population in Virginia Beach. The city is independent and has a suburban feel. It is great for seniors that see themselves retiring along the ocean shore and miles of the most beautiful beaches. The position of the city makes it perfect for tourists as it is a resort city. This means that there are rows of hotels, motels, bars, and restaurants along the shore.

    Mount Vernon is part of the NYC senior's guide to the most charming places in Virginia
    Vernon has a specific charm for seniors

    However, although t means that it can get crowded there is also a lot to do. You can easily fulfill your time here with fresh and new content and happening. The city offers many events, attractions, and engaging activities to make your days fun, relaxing and interesting.


    The second largest city here is Arlington. It is one of the most fun cities to live in so if you want to spice up your days you can easily move here. The city is tight across the Potomac from DC and offers a mixture of living in a smaller city and a metropolis. The city is a large urban area that offers okay neighborhoods that are similar to urban villages. These communities are some of the most charming and pleasant places to live in. The sense of community is strong here which is another reason to move here for retirement.


    Vernon is one of the nicest places to move to in Virginia. It is a place of heritage and rich history. Besides this the pace is beautiful and it draws in many visitors here all year. However, there is more to Vernon. It is also a great location to retire and enjoy everyday life. As such this city has become a magnet for seniors from all over. Once you have decided that Vernin is the place for you local specialists can jump in to handle your move with ease. These local pros can easily provide any service you need when moving into your new place. Consider using packing and storage services besides the simple moving deal.

    Falls Church

    The smallest independent city in Virginia with the most welcoming community is Falls Church. This is one of the best places to retire due to its location. It is part of the DC metropolitan area that provides a great benefit. The area is urban and it offers a quiet life but it also mixes it with the excitement of nearby Washington. This makes the city popular and many people strive to retire here. There are a to of homeowners among seniors here and buying a house here is a great idea.


    The list of the most charming places cant is complete e without Williamsburg. For seniors, it provides great healthcare. But that is not all. It is an amazing place to live in. With plenty of outdoor activities and interesting places to live it is great. Seniors also have a lot of communities to meet and socialize with other seniors. As such this is a place that is teaming with senior activities that provide fun times. Once you chose Williamsburg you only have to find the right movers to handle your relocation to this beautiful place.

    Governor's mansion in Williamsburg
    One of the most charming places is Williamsburg


    One of the most iconic and historical places in Virginia is Alexandria. Although the city has a great history and heritage today it is a place known for its modern amenities. Alexandria is a gem, located between Falls Church and Arlington, and is a place that is very inviting. The city is located on the Potomac River and is very popular with retirees. It has a lot to offer and the proximity to other cities makes it perfect for outdoor activities and adventure both inside and outside the city.

    Choosing your place to live

    Choosing the right place in Virginia is not easy. As you can see there are plenty of places that are perfect for seniors during their retirement. With so much to offer they deserve a place in the NYC senior’s guide to the most charming places in Virginia. With this information, you will be off to a good start in researching and choosing the right place for you. Moving and living here in the later years and in retirement can be active and fun.

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