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    NYC moving in 2020 – what to pay attention to

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    NYC moving in 2020 – what to pay attention to

    On September 26, 2020, Posted by , In Moving tips, With No Comments

    You cannot escape the fact that moving is stressful, especially now during the coronavirus outbreak and all the chaos happening in NYC. We understand that certainly, it is not a perfect time for a move, but a fact is that it may be necessary. You may need to move to a smaller apartment or house to minimize your costs. Or, maybe you need a bigger space if you started working from home and not have room for an office desk. If you are lucky, you found a more peaceful environment and family-friendly neighborhood or a more affordable home. Whatever the reason for your NYC moving in 2020 may be, do not panic, we’ve got you covered and can minimize the stress for you.

    Good organization is key to successful NYC moving in 2020

    When it comes to NYC relocating in 2020, now more than ever a good organization is imperative, to save you time and money. Don’t leave anything to chance and spare yourself the hassle. With our experience and knowledge, we prepared some practical advice for NYC moving in 2020, to make it easier from the beginning.

    Packing boxes for your NYC moving in 2020
    NYC moving in 2020-be well organized to save time and money

    Be sure to:

    • Define your priorities
    • Plan everything in advance, including your budget – be practical and economical
    • Aim to simplify your NYC relocation any way you can, make checklists, to-do lists, and reminders for your move
    • Get a moving estimate and hire a trustful moving company on time
    • Accept the help of close friends and family, their support will mean a lot
    • Prepare your packing supplies on time and buy everything in one go
    • A very important task when relocating in NYC in 2020: shop online for packing supplies, avoid crowded stores
    • Declutter your home, give some of your old clothes to charity.
    • Consider selling or even giving away some of the items which are no longer necessary or useful to you. To much stuff weighs you down-both physically and mentally. Set yourself free when starting a new life chapter.

    When moving protect yourself and others from COVID-19 by taking extra-care

    Try not to be overly worried about how to organize your NYC move during the corona outbreak. You know the drill. Make sure to take all the necessary precautions. Have gloves and masks during the whole process, have your hand sanitizer near and wash your hands often.  Our professional movers all take necessary measures very seriously so you are properly protected.

    The COVID-19 situation is now a part of our reality which we must contend with. Whether you’re moving to, from, or within NYC in 2020, you will save yours and others’ health by taking a few extra steps. Make sure to clean and disinfect your old and new home and packages with appropriate alcohol solutions and sanitizers. Check the latest advice from official sources such as the Centers for Disease Control.

    Preventive measures against COVID-19 virus-mask, gloves, sanitizer
    During your relocation be sure to take care all protective measures against COVID-19

    With all the rush about moving to/from/around NYC in 2020, don’t forget the goods sides of starting a new life chapter. It will give you a fresh perspective and new opportunities. Enjoy it!

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