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    NYC guide for students from the West Coast

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    NYC guide for students from the West Coast

    We prepared an NYC guide for students from the West Coast because this is a really big trend – to study in NYC. This is not something new, this city is amongst others known for its amazing education. After all, Yale is in New York. Who doesn’t want to go to one of the best Ivy League schools? Since so many students do, we are here to help them. You that you are researching this topic too. If you check out you will see that students are coming mostly from Washington to study so let’s focus on them a bit.

    A quick guide to surviving NYC as a student

    • if you live in a dorm you are all set up. If not, you need to do serious research and find a nice neighborhood to rent an apartment near your school
    • finding a roommate is always a good idea
    • get familiar with public transit
    • schedule some time to socialize and meet locals
    • but, don’t part your way through school
    • if you live on campus, find some time to get out and explore NYC because there is so much to see and do in this city
    • try to stick on a budget and, if that is getting harder and harder,
    • find a part-time job but be prepared to get fired as well this is something that happens in real world

    This was a quick guide we thought you should know. Now we can take a step back and focus on getting to NYC from let’s say WA. We need to discuss this as well since it’s not an easy thing to do. Moving to a whole different state and adapting will take some time but we are here to help.

    students in NYC

    It’s not an easy thing to do – get accepted into an NYC school.

    Moving to NYC to study

    As soon as you find out that you are accepted to the school of your choosing you should start preparing. Even if it’s months away. Relocations are hard and there is so much you need to do before the moving day. Before doing anything else we suggest downloading some of the best-rated moving apps. They will help you and most of them are free. Then you should find reliable movers near you like Movers can help you to make this relocation easier. The next thing you want to do is start packing. That’s why we have prepared some useful packing tips for you since this is most likely your first time moving.

    Packing tips

    • go to your room and declutter it completely, get rid of everything you don’t need anymore
    • make a list of everything you need to bring to NYC, you don’t need to pack everything and chances are if you forget something your parents can send you
    • you need to go shopping for moving supplies so you can prepare your stuff properly or movers can provide their own packing material
    • if you have a lot of clothes you can use vacuum bags to save some space inside moving boxes
    • make sure to wash all your clothes before packing and clean all items that need cleaning – even the electronics
    • give plastic bins a chance, they are better for the environment than moving boxes
    • find a system for labeling boxes
    • pack similar items together for example all pants go to one box etc
    • pack breakable items first

    Get to know NYC with this short NYC guide for students

    NYC is probably the most desirable place on earth. Also, this city has the most famous landmarks you should explore when you get the chance. This can be a chance of a lifetime for you. Their schools are top-notch but you are not coming here just to learn. Sure that will be your main focus but still, it’s important to fully explore this city and everything it has to offer to you. Let’s not forget the most amazing people you will ever encounter – New Yorkers. Of course, you will go to see all the best tourist spots. It’s crucial to see the Empire State Building, Statue of Liberty, Radio City Music Hall and such but that’s not all you should visit. After all, you are not just a tourist in this city – you are living here (temporarily).

    A happy girl after reading our NYC guide

    Your main focus needs to be your studies but still find some time to check out these places.

    5 best spots for students

    1. Luna Park at Coney Island is something you should definitely check out when you feel like having mad fun
    2. When Harry Met Seinfeld Bus Tour ( featuring all the best spots from shows like Seinfeld, When Harry Met Sally, How I Met Your Mother, The Nanny, and plenty more so hop on)
    3. SoHo – Little Italy -­ Chinatown Walking Tour just so you can get to know this amazing city
    4. Graffiti & Street Art Walking Tour for a splash of urban culture
    5. Central Park – maybe the best spot for relaxing or even learning, bring a book

    Things you need to get used to

    This city is different from any other and there are things you need to get used to and after you are done organizing your move you should explore this more. First of all the noise. This city is loud and it will take some time to adjust unless you are at the campus. They tend to be pretty quiet. The good thing is that you can find just about anything in the middle of the night if necessary. Nightlife in this city is very amazing. Don’t forget to visit some of the clubs and check out stand-up comedians. That can be fun. One thing that is not so great is the traffic. Luckily subway works just fine.

    New York City during winter

    There are things you will need time to get used to but surely you will love this amazing city

    Good luck

    This is the end of our NYC guide for students from the west coast and all we can say is good luck! Don’t forget to continue your research. The more you find out about this city the easier you will fit in.

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