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    NYC guide for first-time visitors from California

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    NYC guide for first-time visitors from California

    When visiting New York Coty, people encounter a massive problem – they are overwhelmed with things to see. NYC, as one of the most loved cities in the world, has boundless opportunities for everyone. From entertainment options to many museums, the choices are endless. But we are here to help you with our NYC guide for first-time visitors from California. This NYC guide tailored for newcomers will help you get around. 

    The first item on our NYC guide for first-time visitors from California is transportation

    Getting around the city in the most optimal way possible will save you money and time. In this paragraph, we will be talking about transportation options in NYC and telling you which ones are the most affordable. 

    When it comes to the most affordable transportation option, it will have to be public transport. There are two public transport options. 

    • The first public transport option is the less popular one, and it is to travel by bus. 
    • Our NYC guide for first-time visitors from California recommends the second public transportation option, the subway. Most New Yorkers travel by subway, and you can also do it when you come to visit. With the subway, you can reach most of the places in New York conveniently and affordably. 

    The other option, besides public transport, is by cab. New York yellow cabs are one of the most popular vehicles in the world. Their color is instantly recognizable and associated with the Big Apple. Yellow cabs will cost a pretty penny. However, you do not have to use them all of the time.

    People in a subway
    Subways can get crowded, but you can get anywhere with them in NYC.

    You can go into a yellow taxi once to get the authentic New York City experience. And if you end up loving NYC from your visit, resources from can assist you with relocating from California. Their expert will handle your relocation and get you to NYC hassle-free. 

    Check out the view from Brooklyn Bridge 

    An engineering marvel, Brooklyn Bridge connects lower Manhattan with lower Brooklyn. Besides Brooklyn Bridge’s unique design, it is a historically meaningful place for New York. The bridge opened in 1883, and horse-drawn carriages went over it. Because of its unique design, there were a lot of setbacks when they constructed the bridge. Since 1883 the Brooklyn Bridge has undergone reconstructions to adapt it to the modern world. 

    But the Brooklyn Bridge is a must-see for first-time visitors because of its beautiful view. Go on it by bike or foot and take the most beautiful pictures of New York that will cement your visit. And if you like the view from Brooklyn Bridge that much that you decide to move to New York, make sure to stay fit when moving

    As you move around, grab a slice 

    The food that signifies New York City is the New York slice. Many New Yorkers will vouch for their pizza as one of the best pizzas in the world. The authentic New York pizza slice has tins and crispy dough. On top of it, there is a garlicky tomato sauce. And the pizza is overflowing with cheese. The more the cheese, the better is the pizza. But even though the toppings are significant for the pizza, the start is the dough. Many New Yorkers believe that their pizza is so good because of the New York water.

    a cheese pizza
    Our NYC guide for first-time visitors from California recommends grabbing a slice of NYC pizza.

    And if you are low on funds, you can even find a pizza slice for a dollar in New York. If you want to eat the perfect pizza every day, move to New York and leave things you can’t bring in a storage unit in California. Experts will take care of your belongings, and if items need special care, they can offer you climate-controlled storage. 

    Our NYC guide for first-time visitors from California recommends that you check out Chinatown and Little Italy 

    Located in Lower Manhattan, Chinatown is a must-see place for first-time visitors of New York City. When you enter this neighborhood, you are transported to a whole different culture. Chinatown is bustling with people, and you can find many distinct Asian spices. If you are looking for authentic Chinese food, do not even look at other places in New York because you will not find anything better. 

    And when you are done with Chinatown and want to eat tasty pasta, go over to its neighbor Little Italy. Over the years, the Italian population has gotten smaller in Little Italy. You can still find restaurants with tasty Italian dishes. 

    There is always Broadway 

    If you have not seen a Broadway show, you have not visited New York City. Firstly, we have to point out that getting a ticket for a Broadway show is no small task. You will have to plan and get your tickets well before your trip to New York City. The Theater District in Manhattan offers many shows, from plays to musicals featuring many Hollywood stars. Also, you have to know that Broadway tickets are pricey but are worth every penny. Make sure to do a little bit of research to pick the right Broadway show for you. 

    a image of Broadway
    A Broadway show will change your theater view.

    Browse the Metropolitan Museum of Art 

    Most New Yorkers call the Metropolitan Museum of Art – The MET. MET has an astonishing collection of art pieces dating back 5000 years the past, and it is the largest museum in America. The MET collects works of art from diverse eras of human history. It has artwork from the Byzantine era, Islamic art, Egyptian art, and many more, all up to the modern era. You can get lost for hours exploring one time period. If you want to be efficient, we recommend deciding in advance what artwork you want to see. 

    Our NYC guide for first-time visitors from California is done

    We hope you follow our NYC guide for first-time visitors from California. Because if you do, you will have a good time and experience the best sides of New York. You might even want to move here and if you do that, learn about the importance of having moving insurance before you start packing.

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