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    NYC commuter’s guide to the most affordable towns in New Jersey

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    NYC commuter’s guide to the most affordable towns in New Jersey

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    If you want to live at an exciting pace and experience something unusual while at the same time building a fantastic career, New York is the place for you. However, not everything is as fabulous as we can imagine. The problem of today’s city is the population and crowds at every step. One of the main obstacles in realizing your career dreams can be finding a place to live. If this obstacle is in front of you, then it is worth remembering that with a little effort, anything is possible. Right across the street, across the Hudson River, is New Jersey. If you are flexible, the NYC commuter’s guide to the most affordable towns in New Jersey can help you to find your new place.

    All the reasons to consider affordable towns in New Jersey

    Living in New York city lately has become very expensive. Having this fact in mind, many people turn to commute for work from nearby towns in New Jersey. This has many financial benefits, since having or renting an apartment in some smaller town in New Jersey is way cheaper. Besides this, you can get to live in a quiet neighborhood, without the New York City crowd all around you. Commuting from nearby towns is easy via public transport or with your own car. There is plenty of exciting places along the way, and if you are willing to consider them you will surely find a nice place. One of the most affordable and charming towns in New Jersey are:

    • Parsippany-Troy Hills
    • Montville
    • Garwood
    • Caldwell

    Have in mind that your move doesn’t have to be that stressful also. will help you once you choose the place. The good side is that you are not going to be rushed and you will have plenty of time to pack and transport your belongings. This can mean a lot when you are changing your entire life.

    Wallet aunder magnifying glass
    Think about your budget possibilities

    Almost a suburb of New York City

    This town is not a heavily populated place. You can have your peace around here and still be close enough to NYC. Parsippany-Troy Hills is located in Morris County.  Besides being affordable this is one of the best places to live in New York surrounding. The median home value is a bit over of national median, but rent is close to the state median and it is pretty affordable. Most of Parsippany-Troy Hills Town residents are owners of their homes so you can find an opportunity here if you want to buy a house. This town offers a lot of coffee shops, restaurants, and parks which attract young people from all around. Even nightlife in Parsippany-Troy Hills Town is on a high level. A lot of young professionals live here and commute to New York city on daily basis. The town is well connected with New York City through public transport.

    In the neighborhood of the metropolis

    Montville Town is a suburb of New York City.  This small town is well-populated because of its proximity to New York City. This is a lovely place to live in New Jersey, and besides that, it is quite affordable. You can easily find a great home and if you reach out to local experts you can be at your new address in no time. This suburb brings you a rural feeling due to its proximity to mountains and forests which makes it perfect even for families. In addition, the public schools are highly rated in this area. This is one of the most affordable towns in New Jersey and is well connected for commuters. With public transport, it takes only an hour to get to the desired destination.

    Marking the place on the map
    Find the most affordable towns in New Jersey

    Small community and one of the most affordable towns in New Jersey

    Garwood is a small suburb of New York City with only four thousand souls. Garwood is located in Union County. and living in there feels like living in a big city due to its close proximity to New York City. Here you can have it all. Even for a small town it still offers many bars, coffee shops, and restaurants to have fun and experience something new. Many residents live here to save money on rent and to have everything needed. Median rent is just a bit over the national median and commuting to New York City is easy and fast. In half of the hour, you are in New York City. Departures for New York City are in every 15 minutes. If you change your mind anyway, you can easily organize your local move, thanks to fantastic local services.

    Metro station
    Just a few miles away

    The place for a family

    Located in Essex County, Caldwell is truly one of the best places to have a home and among the most affordable towns in New Jersey. Living in Caldwell feels like living in a country, but you are just twenty miles away from the world’s most famous metropolis. Most its eight thousand people live here but work in NYC. The rent price here is way lower than in NYC. For someone working in New York City but does not want to pay a high rent price, this is a perfect place for life. The public schools here are highly rated and the public transport is highly organized and departure are often. This can become a great place to raise a family. You can even move your loved ones from the crowd and give them some peace.

    Life has become generally expensive today, especially in big cities. If you are resourceful enough to find affordable towns in New Jersey you will be able to reconcile everything. Your great career will be just a few steps away, across the Hudson River thanks to affordable living conditions, you will be able to enjoy your income without burden.

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