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    Non traditional rentals in NYC

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    Non traditional rentals in NYC

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    Congratulations on deciding to move to New York City, the best place for young adults. With beautiful architecture and huge parks, everyone can find something they like in this wonderful place. However, no one can deny the living here is expensive. But you don’t have to buy a home, you can rent one. That’s why here, you’ll find the list of non traditional rentals in NYC. You might find the one that’s your cup of tea.

    Non traditional rentals in NYC

    The city that never sleeps is everything but your ordinary city. And as such, it has some very non traditional rentals. So, why would you live at home, when you can rent these quirky apartments and change them whenever you feel like it. Of course, you would have to pay monthly rent. So, that’s why when moving, you try to save some money. And to do that, you should know the moving costs in advance. That way, you’ll be able to afford to live in one of these peculiar apartments.

    A yellow can in New York.

    You can even spend the night in a decommissioned yellow cab in NYC.


    Because of the price of rentals, people living in NYC are used to smaller space and multi-purpose rooms. But did you expect to have a cast iron bathtub right in your kitchen? Probably not. Nonetheless, this charming apartment is located on E. 11th St., East Village and it comes at a price of 2,600 dollars a month. If not because of the bathtub in a kitchen, the charm is due to beautiful flooring, high ceiling, and visible brick elements.

    The shower

    And what do you say about a shower in the kitchen? This way, you won’t burn your meal while taking a shower. Located in Chinatown, on 27 Orchard St, this place can be yours for 1,800 dollars a month.

    Rooftop cabins

    In Movers 101, they’ve noticed the increasing popularity of rooftop cabins. Located above our heads, in Greenwich Village or in the West Village, they offer the combination of country life and city life. However, due to this popularity, the cabin in the sky, located at 203 E. 13th St., Manhattan, was sold a couple of years ago. Luckily, there’s still a similar cabin for rent on 15 West 28th Street for 4,200 dollars a month. With a beautiful deck, resembling the one from a country home, the real highpoint is the surrounding terrace. So, imagine sitting on the white porch with a glass of wine with a view on the beautiful NYC skyline.

    A New York City skyline.

    Not a bad view.

    All over again

    At this rental, located on 14 St. Mark’s Place, Manhattan, you can experience college life all over again. While East Village location is amazing, you will have to share the bathroom with other people. Who knows, it might even feel nostalgic and you end up liking it?

    Hot tub with a bar

    When moving to a new neighborhood, you might be wondering if there’s a good bar nearby. But, what if you can find a bar, and you don’t have to look any further from your living room. And on top of that, there’ a hot tub in the living room, too. Now, you hopefully realize that this rental, located on 529 W. 42nd St., Manhattan, is not your regular apartment. And for a price of 3,800 dollars a month, it could’ve been yours. Unfortunately, it’s not on the market anymore.

    All black

    The rental located on 213 W. 23rd St, Manhattan, looks like the apartment where a famous lead singer of a rock group would live. All 370 square feet of it, from floor to ceiling, is all in black, and it looks great. And even though the music star didn’t live there, iy was used for filming a music video. However, a couple of years ago, it was taken off the market, unfortunately.

    Prepare for some drastic downsizing

    If you’re moving from a house to an apartment, you realize that you have to get used to a much smaller space. But, considering the popularity and the prices of NYC rentals, you might have to prepare for some drastic downsizing. But, how much of downsizing might be too much? Check out these non traditional rentals in NYC and see for yourself.

    A small wooden house.

    How small is too small?

    100 square feet

    Located in Harlem, you can get this studio apartment for a price of 1,300 dollars a month. But, you do have to know that it’s only eight feet wide, so a regular jail cell might be even more spacious than this apartment here. And this studio is at 14 Convent Avenue if this still sounds interesting to you. However, none of these apartments seem to be available anymore.

    90 square feet

    This micro-studio in Upper West Side is only  12 feet by 7 feet. However, it’s extremely close to Central Park. And you know what they say, it’s about location, location, location. Also, this apartment became famous as a micro-studio in the city. But, if 700 dollars a month for sleeping in a bed not larger than a coffin, doesn’t seem like the best option for you, look further. But remember, at least it has a private bathroom.

    78 square feet

    Moving to a small apartment in New York City can be challenging. But this apartment here brings it to a whole new level. The tiniest of them all, this apartment is located in Hell’s Kitchen, or Clinton, as they say. And it comes with a price of 780 dollars a month. However, if you want to live here, know that you’ll have to share the bathroom with three people.

    Is non traditional necessary better?

    Each of these non traditional rentals in NYC has something that makes them unique. Some have a certain charm or a multi-purpose room, while others just lack a reasonable amount of space. So, the question is, because of their uniqueness, does it mean that these rentals are better than more traditional ones? Well, that’s only up to you to decide. However, the rooftop cabin might be the choice that a lot of people would gladly make if they had an opportunity.

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