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    New York City tours every expat should have

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    New York City tours every expat should have

    The Big Apple has always been a magnet for tourists from all over. But also it is a place that draws people in. Many have dreamed of living in one of the charming NYC neighborhoods. It is not uncommon to have expats from all over the world move here to get the taste of the big city. Getting to know New York is the first thing they try and do. Luckily there are many New York City tours that can help every expat get the feel of this great city. Let’s see just what the expats need from NYC and what they can get a taste of.

    Moving to NYC for expats

    Well, let’s be clear, NYC is drawing people from different corners of the world. One of the greatest cities in the world is always an attraction to see and especially live in. This is why people go to so much trouble to move here. An international move can be a complicated endeavor to go through but NY makes it worth it. However, there are many international moving options expats make use of. If you are trying to move to NY you can now find the option that suits your needs perfectly. Today’s movers offer a wide array of international moving services. This also includes the full-service moving that will make your move to NYC a breeze.

    Manhattan from the river
    There are many tours in NYC that are great for expats.

    Get to know NYC

    There are many New York City tours that are designed for easy access and to get to know the city with ease. These are perfect for both tourists and expats. Here are just a few that will give you a taste and a feel of the city:

    • Bike rent NYC
    • New York tour and food tasting
    • Experience first 
    • Broadway walking tours
    • Circle Line Sightseeing Cruises

    Bike Rent NYC

    Bike rent tours are popular tours through Central Park. This guided tour covers the history and creation of Central Park. Visitors have the opportunity to visit all of the hidden gems of the park and surrounding neighborhoods.

    New York tours and food tasting

    Learn about NY while touring little Italy and Chinatown. Expert guides can provide all sorts of information about the history and development of the area. This tour includes the tasting of local foods giving you a close look and a feel of the city.

    Experience first 

    Experience first tour is a boat ride to the statue of liberty and Elis Island. It covers the history of migration to the US. Visitors get to know the history and see what expats first experienced when coming to the US. Today’s expats moving in with can easily get a taste of the history of migration to NYC.

    Brooklyn bridge
    Brooklyn and the Brooklyn bridge are popular landmarks to visit while touring NYC

    Broadway walking tours

    If you like theater you will enjoy the Broadway tour that covers the history of theaters. The Broadway Theater District is one of the must-see places in NYC. Learn all about the beginnings of Bradway and her stories and tales of the cultural offering of the city.

    Landmark Cruise

    Offers you a look at the landmarks of New York from the water. From the statue of liberty, Brooklyn bridge to the skyline of Manhattan you can dive into the magic of NY. It will also provide you with the entryway to get to know the boroughs that make New York.

    Time to choose your favorites!

    These are some of the tours NY has to offer. You can also tour NYC in search of diverse cuisines, visit the catacombs, or Lower East Side. Do a Sex and the City or Brooklyn tour. The offering is great and the choice is yours. But remember there are New York City tours for everything you would like to see. Make sure you find just what you need.

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