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    New York City neighborhoods you should consider moving to in 2021

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    New York City neighborhoods you should consider moving to in 2021

    Living in the famous Big Apple, the culture capital of the world, can seem like a tough call when you’re looking at it from a certain distance. It may look like an urban hive, city streets filled with thousands of competitive individuals looking for their place in the sun, minding their own business, completely alienated and detached from something you could call a healthy lifestyle. Now, that sounds like your average sociologist with a natural affiliation with textbook dystopian scenarios talking here. There’s more to New York than you walking in the busy streets with the Midnight Cowboy theme in the background. Check out the list below and read about some beautiful NY neighborhoods you rarely hear about. Find out why more and more people consider moving to New York City in this very year.

    Brooklyn Heights, Brooklyn

    Although you can say New York is modern architecture’s most famous child, this one surely doesn’t fit into that viewpoint. If you’re a history buff Brooklyn Heights will fulfill your most intimate desires. Well, alright. We went too far, but not that far. The area of the neighborhood is protected by US law so its historicity and authenticity are preserved for your enjoyment. The neighborhood is most famous for its brownstone roundhouses, with many of them built before the Civil War broke out in the 1860s. If you can afford it this may be the perfect place you’d want to settle with your family.

    The Brooklyn Bridge
    The view you’ll get used to if become a Brooklyn Heights resident

    Jamaica, Queens

    You’re looking for a quiet middle-class neighborhood away from the city jungle? Stop right here, then. Jamaica is one of the most prominent NY areas, reporting an influx of new residents during the last couple of years. It’s still a perfectly nice neighborhood with an affordable cost of living. Also, if find moving a little more stressful than you think it should be, the moving service is great in this part of the city, so you can relax while your stuff is being managed and cared for by professionals. Jamaica is also known for its cultural diversity and openness. Be sure to check out The Afrikan Poetry Theatre if you’re somewhere in the area.

    Astoria, Queens

    Another Queens favorite on the list, Astoria is a 20-minute subway ride from the busy city center. The cost of living in Astoria is quite reasonable and apartment prices aren’t that expensive. Now it’s time for some real information. If you like historical trivia, and, at the same time, you’re quite a beer lover, Bohemian Hall and Beer Garden, the oldest beer garden in the whole NYC area is located here, founded in 1911. Take your family out to lunch or go out with your friends for a cold one. Astoria is quite famous for its food scene. You’ll find some amazing Greek restaurants in the area.

    Manhattan at night, viewed from Astoria
    Night view of Manhattan, from Astoria, Queens is one of a kind

    Washington Heights, Manhattan

    Located in the uppermost part of Manhattan, Washington Heights is one of the loveliest neighborhoods of NY city. Great pre-war buildings, affordable housing, and fantastic Dominican food will most certainly interest you. It’s also one of the safest Big Apple neighborhoods which makes it a great place to start a family without worrying about your kids growing in a place where crime has become a sine qua non.

    Riverdale, Bronx

    The next one on the list screams suburbia more than any other neighborhood we’ll mention in the article. The area is full of trees and green spaces. It’s also, along with the above-mentioned Washington Heights, one of the safest to live in NYC. Prices are very reasonable when compared to Manhattan or Brooklyn, and the overall quality of life isn’t so different. Sounds like a safe bet, right? Whenever you’re ready, experts can help you settle in, the area is packed with quality moving services so there’s no need to worry. Riverdale is home to Derfner¬†Judaica Museum, so don’t let that one pass your eyes. Check it out if you’re interested in traditional and contemporary Jewish culture and history.

    Upper West Side, Manhattan

    Do toponyms like Columbia University or Central Park mean anything to you? They’re both located in the Upper West Side, Manhattan making that neighborhood one of the most recognizable in the city. Though it may be a bit expensive, the area offers top-quality living conditions in return. Just look at the borders of the area – on the east, it’s Central Park, towards the west it’s the less famous, but nevertheless beautiful, Riverside Park on the bank of Hudson River. It’s perfect for your endless city walks and sightseeing tours.

    The fountain in Central Park, NY
    Central Park is most certainly one of the reasons why you should consider moving to New York City

    Coney Island, Brooklyn

    Probably one of the most iconic structures of NYC (and there are really many that can be called iconic) is Coney Island’s Wonder Wheel. We’ve all seen it. If you’re a sucker for nostalgic imagery then this one will suit your most essential escapist needs. Apart from the iconography, Coney Island is among the most affordable areas of NYC. Have that in mind when considering a transition to the city.

    Why should you consider moving to New York City in 2021? – a quick sum up

    Let’s quickly go through the things stated above. Why choose NYC?

    • Historic districts that stand as witnesses to the changing nature of the city
    • Iconic modern architecture – the city’s famous skyline
    • Many affordable and quiet middle-class neighborhoods not far away from downtown NY
    • The city is a multicultural haven – most of the world’s nations and cultures living side by side
    • Many great places to go out and eat – Astoria, Queens is, for example, well known for its Greek food scene
    • Lots of parks and trees – NY is the green capital of the US

    You could write thousands of books on NYC and its boroughs and neighborhoods and it still wouldn’t be enough. The text above serves to help you while moving to New York City, and we hope it does its job fairly well.

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