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    Moving with pets – tips and tricks

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    Moving with pets – tips and tricks

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    Let’s be honest – moving is stressful. It is even tenser for your furry friends because they don’t understand what is going on. They just find themselves surrounded by the mess, moving boxes everywhere and sense the tension of their owners. It is very confusing for them, so moving with pets isn’t an easy task at all. Of course, there are some tricks that will make this big transition a little bit easier for you and for your pets.

    Start planning

    Whether you are moving locally or far away, there will be a lot of work to be done. Any type of relocation requires a lot of planning, and sooner you start, the better. It is one of the first steps in preparing for relocation stress.
    You will need to make a budget plan, your moving checklist, packing plan, moving schedule, make travel arrangements, and to find a good and reliable moving company. When it comes to moving with a pet, it will be wise to make a plan for it.

    Let’s call it a „pet-list“. That list should contain all the moving tasks that include your pet. Where it will be while you are packing and during the moving day, visit the vet, acquiring the proper pet documentation, packing its things etc.
    As you can see, there is a lot to be done, so start planning to move with a pet as soon as possible.

    Research the pet laws

    Most states have laws regarding the importation of pets, and some of them are very strict. In order to save your pet from being detained in a long kennel quarantine, do a thorough research about the pet laws. Some states may inspect animals on the border and ask to see health certificates, so you have to have all documentation ready before your moving day.
    You maybe don’t know that communities across the country have a legislation that is banning or restricting more than 100 different breeds of dogs. So research the local laws also before you start packing. That way, you will ensure that you are moving to a place that you and your pet will be comfortable.
    Contact the Animal Control Commission for the city that you plan to move with your pet and found out what documentation you need to have, or check the information on the Animal Law Resource Center

    The general documents that you have to have when moving with a pet:

    • Health certificates.
    • Proof of rabies vaccination.
    • Import Certificates.
    • Pet passport
    • Flight reservations for your pets if you are traveling by plane.

    Remember that you may need some other papers depending on where you are moving to.

    When you are moving with pets, the vet has to sing that your animals are healthy.

    Make an appointment with a vet before the moving day.

    Choose your new neighborhood wisely

    When you are moving with pets, you have to choose a perfect neighborhood that suits both of your needs. If you have a dog, it will need a space to run and socialize with other pets. Some communities are not pet-friendly. There isn’t a law that will forbid you to have a pet, but there are ones that are making living with a pet much harder. There can be parks that dogs aren’t allowed in, the legislation that your dog must have a muzzle and be on the leash in all times. You can get many complaints about the noise that your pet is making, and if you are renting a home, it will be impossible to find housing in such communities.

    Which is a good thing, because you shouldn’t choose that neighborhood. No matter how convenient it may be. Even if it just a few minutes away from the new job because you are relocating for. It is just not worth the trouble.

    Every city has a neighborhood that is pet-friendly. It those places, there are many interesting activities and pet-friendly places, where you and your pet can enjoy. Some of the NY best family neighborhoods are also the pet-friendly ones.
    So when moving with a pet, choose the location of your new home wisely.

    Prepare your pet for the move

    Sticking to the pet’s routine is hard when you are moving, but it is very important to them. It is the same principal like moving with a baby – the fewer changes to the daily routine, the better.
    It helps if you introduce the move to your pets gradually. If your pet is a bit anxious by nature than start packing a week in advance, so it can get used to boxes around the house. Walking and feeding your pet at the approximately same time every day helps too.

    Moving a pets can be very stressful for your pet.

    Try not to disturb your pet routine when moving. That can be very stressful to it.

    It will be very beneficial to start to prepare your pets to get used to their carriers. It will be a big stress for a pet to put in such a small space without the preparation. It will be confused and nervous because it won’t know what is happening. Place their favorite blankets and toys in the carrier and let your pet examine it. This is especially beneficial to cats. When your cat get used to a carrier, there are more chances that it will seek shelter there instead of in a suitcase or a box if it gets stressed because of the move.

    Similarly, if your dog isn’t used to a car ride, you should start training it. Drow around with your dog, so you don’t have a problem when the moving day arrives and you have to hit the road.

    Moving with pets will be easier if your pet is used to travelling by car.

    If you associate the car ride with something positive, like a treat, it will help ease your dog’s anxiety.

    Pack a bag with pet essentials when moving with pets

    When the moving day arrives and you are driving to the new home with your pet, make sure that you pack a bag with essentials for you, but also for your pet. Road trips are unpredictable, and one traffic accident can make a few hours trip into the whole day drag. That is why you should have some items to keep your pet busy so it won’t get nervous.

    The bag that you are carrying with you should contain:

    • Your pet’s food, preferably its favorite brand
    • Treats
    • Water
    • Disposable litter boxes if you are traveling with a cat
    • A first aid kit
    • Towels in case of accidents
    • Doggy bags

    If you put your shirt near the pet it will calm it down, since the familiar smell makes them feel safe and less tense.

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