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    Moving to PA for work

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    Moving to PA for work

    On November 15, 2019, Posted by , In Commercial Moving Tips,Moving tips, By , With No Comments

    So you decided to move to Pennsylvania? We are happy to tell you that you chose one of the best places ever! If you are an eager expat from Europe you should consider first checking out the culture shock when moving to the USA. But if you are already met with term culture shock, or you are already in the states, we are going to go through some of the reasons why choosing Pennsylvania as your new home won’t be one of your regrets. Especially if you are moving to PA for work.

    What should you know before moving to Pennsylvania

    If you’re going to be moving to PA for work, especially across seas, you will need to look up the costs of moving. Planning a budget is never a nice thing because you will soon be aware of costs but don’t let that leave you disheartened. Once you’ve got the final price, be sure to check all of the expenses so you don’t end up spending more money than planned.

    You’ve probably already seen all of the pictures of the colorful fall in Pennsylvania? Well, we’re glad to let you know that rainy days, hot tea or coffee in your hands aren’t all the things you should be looking forward to. So, you should definitely have a camera always prepared for this time of the year, while enjoying the rest of your stay there.

    If you live in a big city, especially near the city center, everything is very close to you and you can reach almost any destination just by walking. Dinners, restaurants, malls, pharmacies, gyms, playgrounds and best of all, most of them work non-stop. This is great to know if you are moving there for work. You don’t have to be living in the center of the city in order to work in the city. You can always travel to work by public transport or car. is a moving company that can help you relocate anywhere in PA with ease.


    Pennsylvania is a very beautiful state.

    Some pros about Pennsylvania

    1. Education system

    Pennsylvania is famous for being a state with one of the best education systems in all of the statesThe teachers here are proclaimed as some of the best in the USA also! The University of Pennsylvania is ranked as one of the top 10 best universities in the U.S. And whether you are into arts, law, medical school, IT or math this state offers a very good education. In Pennsylvania, there are over 85 institutions of high education. So if you work as a teacher, moving to this state can have a big impact on your career.

    2. Relation to other states and taxes

    Pennsylvania is really close to New York! Many travelers from NYC drive through Pennsylvania every day. It’s no wonder since it’s so close. If you want to live in a state with a lower cost of living and still be close to New York and New Jersey, Pennsylvania is just the place for you. And many people move from New York for a better job in PA.

    In Pennsylvania, not all goods come with a tax. Although there is a 6% tax on most of the goods, you won’t have to pay the food, clothing, tattoo and piercing services, parking lots and garages, amusement parks and recreation industries, which is great! People who work in these industries have a lot of work as people from other states come to PA because there is no tax on these goods. The relocation process can be very simple in PA so if you want to experience all these things, you might want to consider moving there.


    There is a 6% tax on most of the goods.

    3. Celebrating events in Pennsylvania

    Pretty much every place drops a party on New Year’s Eve. New York City is best known for its New Year’s Eve ball drop and in Pennsylvania, they drop a strawberry in the capital.

    Halloween is not really the same without children trick or treating on October 31st. But in Pennsylvania, many areas designate trick-or-treating for a couple of hours on other dates. Hanover was even earlier with kids trick-or-treating on October 25th. Even parades are often held earlier, as an example, Carlisle’s Halloween parade was held on October 17th last year.

    4. Food stores actually have good food.

    Most of the United States has to survive off of already packaged snacks and reheated hot dogs at random gas stations on road trips. But in Pennsylvania, gas stations are very popular stops for dinner even if you’re not in such a hurry. You can find plenty of dinners where you can enjoy delicious pancakes. Working as a waiter in PA is a great way to earn some extra cash as people love going out to eat.


    Working as a waiter in PA is a good job for students who want to earn some extra cash.

    Some cons about Pennsylvania

    1. Property taxes can be high

    Property taxes are pretty high and as we said earlier. And the cost of living in Pennsylvania is relatively low but property taxes can make up for it. Also, if you have a child that’s going school, know that primary funding for K-12 can also be pretty expensive. So make sure you find a job before moving to PA.

    2. Wide variety of accents

    Pennsylvania has a wide range of very different accents. If you find yourself in Philadelphia, you will most likely hear English mixed up with some Dutch and Swedish accents. This one doesn’t have to be a con for moving to Pennsylvania, but it can be quite confusing to catch up with all accents. This can be a problem for those who work with people. But, of course, it is not something you can’t get used to quickly. Moving to PA for work can be one of the best decisions you ever make even though you will have some adjusting to do.

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