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    Moving to North Miami on a budget

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    Moving to North Miami on a budget

    On February 4, 2019, Posted by , In Moving tips, By , With No Comments

    If you are considering to relocate to North Miami, you are probably thinking about creating a moving plan. You need to make packing plans, organize your moving company, set the date. There are many hidden challenges, lurking at you from the back of your mind. However, there is this main question that you are asking yourself constantly – how much will it cost? When you think about it, your head starts spinning. You are searching for all these hidden costs that might appear out of nowhere. If you start asking yourself is moving to North Miami on a budget a viable option, we are here to tell you that it is!

    Furthermore, we will not only tell but also show you how to make moving to North Miami on a budget possible. Being the moving experts we are, we decided to share all our little secrets to help you save money. With all this in mind, let’s look at a few essential rules.

    Basics of moving to North Miami on a budget

    The entire topic of relocating on a budget might seem like a fairy tale. But it is time for this Sleeping Beauty to wake up!  The reality is, there are many options to help you save money, as long as you are following basic principles:

    1. DIY
    2. look for discounts
    3. ask for help
    4. pick the best moving date

    With these four simple rules, you are cutting your costs in more than half. 

    Do everything yourself

    DIY principle plays a significant part if you are moving to North Miami on a budget. Forget about hiring professional packers. Use your wits and pack everything yourself. Moreover, don’t buy boxes. There are plenty of ways t0 find free boxes for your relocation. Same goes for packaging materials. Don’t buy fancy packing paper, use newspapers instead.

    Car trunk full of boxes

    Pack and load boxes by yourself, you will save a lot of money

    Look for discounts

    To continue in the same manner, if you can’t do it for free, look for a discount! If you are preparing food for your relocation, check which stores accept food stamps. When you are planning your driving route, find hotels and motels with lower prices. Some gas pumps offer discounts and coupons for gas. You might want to check if they have a loyalty program for drivers. It is a great way to cut down the gas bill for your car.

    Find a helping hand

    There is no shame in asking for help for your relocation to North Miami, FL. Chances are you are moving with your family. Find something for everyone to do, all of them should help as much as possible. On another hand, if you are relocating alone, ask your friends for assistance. For instance, have them help you loading boxes or folding stuff.

    Sell what you don’t use

    As we talked earlier, don’t buy boxes and packing paper. You can find plenty of free packaging materials. In addition to this, get rid of stuff that you don’t use. You must have some clothing that you outgrew. You can make a yard sale to earn some money, or donate your stuff to charity. Less stuff means less packing for you. With this in mind, calculate the size of your move.

    Sign showing discounts, bargains and close-outs

    Looking for free stuff or discounts is an essential part of moving on a budget

    Tax deduction

    The tax refund is an integral part of every relocation. If you are moving to North Miami on a budget, tax deduction can make a difference here. From my experience, there are two viable options for you:

    • relocating for a job
    • tax refund on donations

    Moving for work

    If you are moving to a new city for work, you can ask your company to pay some expenses for you. There are some ways to ask for a tax deduction based on your relocation for a job, but only if you meet specific criteria. We suggest that you get in touch with a resident tax expert to find out more.

    Donations pay off

    If you gave away your stuff for charity, keep your receipts. You can ask for a tax deduction in this case.

    Moving on a budget with a moving company

    Some people cannot relocate on their own. Maybe you are working al the time, or have small children. In this case, you don’t have the luxury to do everything yourself to save money. Nevertheless, we can show you how to make a cheap deal with an affordable moving company.

    Consequently, you will have more time, as you will not be involved in organizing all aspects of your relocation. Pro Movers Miami can offer valuable help, so do not hesitate to go for it. You might be afraid of additional costs and high fees, but there are ways!

    Ask for a flat rate

    Your number one priority is to ask your mover for a flat rate. Moving to North Miami on a budget will not be possible if your price may change at any point. There are some cases when peoples’ possessions were “held hostage” until they agree to higher prices. This is not how you organize your relocation. A fixed rate will help you sleep peacefully.

    Tenancy agreement

    Check your contract thoroughly to find any hidden costs

    Check the fine print

    When you get your moving contract, be sure to check the fine print. There are many ways for moving companies to build up prices. For example, they can charge more if you have staircases in your building. Same applies for moving large items. Another thing that requires your attention is to get your deposit back. And if you are purchasing moving insurance, go through every step to make sure there is nothing hidden.

    Pick the best moving date

    Moving to North Miami on a budget is easy if you know when to relocate. Never go in the middle of the tourist season. Roads are crowded, and all prices go up. Winter is more suitable for relocation. The last piece of advice for you is to check with your moving company what is the best date for your relocation. They may have special discounts if you are moving during a specific season, and this is a great way to knock down the price!

    In conclusion, there are many ways to cut down moving expenses. Follow our ideas and put your money to good use! North Miami is just around the corner!

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